July 21, 2021

Spencer Pratt: “We Made Over 1 Million Dollars in Set Up Paparazzi Photos!”

Spencer Pratt: "We Made Over 1 Million Dollars in Set Up Paparazzi Photos!"

Legendary MTV reality star Spencer Pratt stops by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about his rebellious life in front of the cameras, when the last time he and Heidi spoke to Lauren Conrad, and how much they made on their infamous staged paparazzi photos. In typical Pratt style, he opened up about his displeasure for the reboot of ‘The Hills’ and why he thought it sucked so bad but also claimed that Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie set up some of their most famous paparazzi photos together and how he knows that. This is a wild episode that is sure not to disappoint.

Adam Glyn:

Spencer, thank you for coming on the podcast. We been trying to get you for a long time, reaching out to every single person who says they represent you and we find out they don’t, so it’s been kind of wacky. But, I want to let you know something. I told you before you came on, we want to kiss your ass, because we think you are so intelligent, you are so beyond what media’s become today. Dax and I were both at TMZ, Dax actually was looking at your photos from when you and Heidi first started dating. Dax, tell him about your relationship as far as-

Dax Holt:

Oh no, dude. I am so excited about this conversation, because Spencer, I don’t know if you ever got to see any of the TMZ episodes, but I was the photo guy at TMZ for 12 years, so my job was going through all the paparazzi agencies and finding the photos, and every time I’d go through PCN, and there would be a new photo set of you and Heidi doing something ridiculous. It was the highlight of my day, I was like, “Gold, this is going on the TV show, this is exactly what I want,” and I feel like you two were the pioneers of setup paparazzi photos, and people didn’t appreciate … It was always like the fun thing to joke about it, and people thought you guys were ridiculous, but you guys were pioneers. And now people are trying to emulate that today, and they can’t pull it off like you guys did back in the day.

Spencer Pratt:

Well, thank you for purchasing all the photos you purchased, I thank you so much. Who is the video guy, I also got to thank, shout out whoever was in charge of video, because-

Dax Holt:

That was Max, remember, Max was the guy with the long hair?

Spencer Pratt:

I don’t forget Max, I don’t forget Max. No, I definitely watch the show. I mean, I used to message Harvey asking to be on the show, I was like, “I’ll work there, please,” and he’s like, “What are you talking about?” I was like, “Please?” Why’d you leave, is the real question, all due respect to everything you’re doing now, but it’s like, I think-

Dax Holt:

Oh no, I, it was-

Spencer Pratt:

… Harvey and TMZ are still the most powerful thing on earth.

Dax Holt:

It’s funny, because I get asked that question a lot, and it was like, it was 12 years, I was ready to do something different. There wasn’t really a next level up to go, I was already managing a big team. So it’s not like I’m going to take over Harvey or Charles’ job at the end of the day, they were the ones running the show. So I was like, “You know what? I’m tired of talking about all these celebs, I want to talk to them.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing on this podcast, is that I get to talk to people like you, or Larsa Pippen, or Mark Cuban, or any of these other people that I talked about all the time, now I’m getting to actually have a conversation with them and get to know a little bit different aspect of their lives, and that’s what’s kind of been fun for me.

Spencer Pratt:

Does Charles have that much juice there, all due respect to him?

Dax Holt:

He’s one of the executive producers, yeah. He’s been there forever, he’s, yeah, he’s a big deal there.

Spencer Pratt :

Was he like one of Harvey’s first hires, is he that level, or he just came in-

Dax Holt:

Technically I think I worked there longer than Charles. I got the job first, but he came, he was already an executive producer over at Extra, so he moved over to TMZ, so he had a lot of clout in the entertainment industry already.

Spencer Pratt:

He’s good, okay. Well, we’ll stop talking about TMZ, this isn’t Hollywood Raw podcast, but lot of my fame is because of TMZ, or was because of TMZ. TMZ, all due respect, has fallen off, it’s gotten a little too oversaturated with a lot of faces that don’t belong there. It used to be so hard to TMZ, all due respect to TMZ.

Dax Holt:


Spencer Pratt:

It used to be-

Dax Holt:

It was really hard.

Spencer Pratt:

It was like, if you got a post, I think it was like for three days, I’d be like, “Oh my God, I’m on TMZ.” And now it’s like-

Dax Holt (00:03:41):

But, so, okay, so same thing here.

Spencer Pratt (00:03:42):

… way easier.

Dax Holt (00:03:43):

Spencer, because back in the day was we had to find these either video clips or photos, or something to find interesting to pitch out. And if it was interesting, it makes the show. So with you guys, you would do something, I would love the photos, my enthusiasm about the photos would sell them, and then your craziness, or cheesiness, or whatever was in the photos, I mean, it was just gold. So every time I saw something pop up it was like, “All right, this is going to make the show today.”

Spencer Pratt (00:04:11):

Well, I got to give credit where credit’s due, James Aylott who was British, that was one of the owners, I think, of PCN. He was a top dog there. But he came from the British Fame magazine game and understood that, so he would always be over the top. We were always trying to do our setups for England, because he felt like they would appreciate it more, and The Hills was big there. So the over the top-ness, the photos and the cheesiness came because he was coaching us on the British tabloid game, and then it became like, “Oh, we can use this fame whore-y energy in the US game,” to more of a mocking … Which is like, all good, great, as long as you’re buying them too. But in England they get the shtick more, is what he would say, and so we’d always play up for that. So James Aylott, OG, he put me on game.

Dax Holt (00:05:10):

So I’m not going to lie, I thought that those set up photos and the … I thought that was your guys’s idea. That was the paparazzi owner’s idea?

Spencer Pratt (00:05:21):

He was the coach, we were the players. He wasn’t on-

Dax Holt (00:05:27):

That’s unbelievable.

Spencer Pratt (00:05:27):

… the set of any of the shoots, we’d just be on the phone, and he’d be like, “Ham it up, ham” … Whatever his little, I got what he was selling, and I was like, “Okay.” So I mean, obviously he … We’d be like, “It’s Easter,” he’d show up with his pap and they’d bring the props and the bunny ears, and Heidi and I would bounce around like bunnies, he’s not there saying, “Bounce around like a bunny, hop,” whatever, that’s …

Dax Holt (00:05:56):

Yeah. It was brilliant, brilliant, because like you said, the US market hadn’t seen anything like that before. Whether or not it worked over in the UK, the US market, I don’t think, had seen anyone do this, and that’s why it became such a phenomenon with you two, and the fame whoring, or whatever you want to call it, people love to hate. And I think that’s what made you guys such good reality starts is people loved to hate, and so to have people go, “Oh, they just want the fame,” and the other people go, “No, we love that they’re like this,” I mean, it really, really worked before anyone else kind of got into that game.

Spencer Pratt (00:06:33):

I had the best idea, I just didn’t figure out how to monetize it. But at one time, I had like, I forget what the website was. It was like hatespencerpratt.com, and you could come and you could just click a button that would be like, it was my own Us Weekly poll where you could just click in how many people could hate me. I had that, but I didn’t think about selling ads on it, and really monetizing it, but that’s how much I was like, “This hate thing is the funniest” … And then you get more polls, and more clicks, and I was like, “This is the dumbest thing on the planet.”

Spencer Pratt (00:07:11):

So yeah, I definitely played into it. But the one thing I shouldn’t have done is, it was good on selling the paparazzi photos, getting the reality TV checks, but I never thought about how it hurt … It didn’t hurt some brands, but who knows how many doors I didn’t get opened because, “Oh, people hate them,” or Heidi got that also, because of me. Just side money. But then again, there wasn’t that much for reality TV, like nowadays with influencers, there’s freaking money everywhere for them to try to grab. So that would be, in retrospect, the one part about embracing the hate me energy is that maybe there were opportunities that didn’t present themselves, that brands. But I don’t even feel like brands were trying to work with reality TV people back then, so maybe not.

Adam Glyn (00:08:02):

Yeah, but you saw something, because at that time, I guess roughly around 2006, maybe, I could get the years wrong, people are running away from the paparazzi. Britney Spears is crazy, kind of taking her umbrella, hitting the paparazzi and hitting her car. But you took advantage of the media in a good way, you’re like, “I’m going to use it to my advantage to build my own personal brand,” and people start to like you, and were interested in your story and your storyline. What did you see in the media, or what did you start to notice with the headlines, that you’re like, “Man, we could actually capitalize on this stuff with the paparazzi?”

Spencer Pratt (00:08:30):

So another one of my mentors, Peter Grossman, the photo editor at Us Weekly, he helped ghostwrite our How to be Famous book, I was on the phone with him every day picking his brain. He was another coach all along, expert in the … He’d already been in the game, top level for 10 years doing Us Weekly, so he pretty much schooled me on how dumb everything was, and to just run with it, in the sense that, he’s like, “You know what’s real, Heidi knows what’s real. Get as many of these covers.” I mean, we got a, I think a half a million dollar Us Weekly deal to literally, I have them framed, because I still am so thankful to them, where they’re going to put me … This was back when Us Weekly’s doing three million subscriptions a week, like that’s Drake level numbers in the market, platinum albums in front of everyone, and they’re going to pay me 150k per magazine to put us with some, all due respect, some dumb little line like, “I was betrayed by Spencer,” like that’s one I’m reading right now, or, “Why I called off my wedding,” “I’m ready to say I do,” like, “Baby,” just these, I’m getting paid, you’re putting me in this, and maybe there’s some negative stuff in there. Who cares?

Spencer Pratt (00:09:47):

So he put me on game in the sense that like, don’t ever get caught up in … And that’s the problem with so many of these people. Before, they didn’t even want to work with Us Weekly. Pre-Speidi, you weren’t getting Angelina Jolie speaking to these magazines, Jen Aniston speaking to these magazines, I’ll argue with anybody, I used to buy them, I had a subscription. It was always a photo of them, and then, “Sources say.” They were not talking to the magazines like Heidi and I started doing, and giving them stories, and making stories.

Spencer Pratt (00:10:17):

And then with the paparazzi, I used to look and their gear and their cameras and I’ll be like, “If I wanted to hire somebody to take my photo with that $3000 camera, I’m paying money.” So if I just, whether, I definitely did setups, but even if it was any paparazzi, I’d always make sure they got a shot, and Heidi would always, a smile, you get it. And then if I knew they were following us, I’d be like, “This is what we’re doing today. If you think that’s worth your gas money, feel free, but you could just meet us over there, I don’t care. But I don’t know if you’re going to be able to sell that.” You have those type of lines of communication with these guys, we never had anything like … Everyone’s like, “They’re the worst.” It’s like, these guys were all just trying to help you be famous, put you in magazines, get you on Extra, Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, put you out there. Not only that, with an expensive camera. This is pre-iPhones, it’s like, you don’t even have that camera.

Spencer Pratt (00:11:16):

So I never understood the hate, and I always liked them because I felt safer around … Because I was the hated guy, and I was like, “Man, a lot of these guys like me, I’m getting these guys paid. If somebody tried to roll up on me, three of these guys are from Brazil, black belts in jiu-jitsu, these are bodyguards also.” So I looked at paparazzi so differently, and that’s one of the saddest parts, why I hate Instagram so much is they killed the paparazzi game and the tabloid game. And there aren’t paparazzi everywhere anymore, and it is now so much more staged. Now everyone’s doing setups, because these paparazzi can afford to be around town driving, so I’m pretty upset with Instagram still.

Dax Holt (00:12:01):

We say the same thing, we talk about some of the biggest starts out there. Is there anyone that you’ve seen do a setup that you’re like, “I never thought that person” … Like my person was always Katie Holmes.

Adam Glyn (00:12:10):

Katie Holmes [crosstalk 00:12:11]-

Dax Holt (00:12:11):

I was surprised when Katie Holmes started doing setups, yeah.

Spencer Pratt (00:12:14):

I never thought that way, because I was in, I knew that Angelina and Brad Pitt set up their first set in the desert, Peter was in on the setup with the pap, he was there for the magazine. So once you heard Brad Pitt, that’s when I was like, “I’m calling all” … Like green light, my two favorite fame hustlers are setting up their, pretty much cheating, confirmation relationship setup staged photos, so I never was surprised by anyone after that, I was like …

Dax Holt (00:12:45):

And we talk about this all the time, because people don’t realize that this is normal. It is a common thing in the entertainment industry for celebs to set up photos. I don’t know why it’s a taboo thing, there is such a give and take with the paparazzi. Paparazzi are keeping them relevant, keeping them in magazines, and they need that to … When they’re relevant, that’s when they’re booking movies, that’s when they’re booking TV shows. And so I don’t understand why it’s a taboo thing to set up a paparazzi photo shoot. Everyone does it.

Spencer Pratt (00:13:12):

Well, now it’s the dumbest thing ever, because every celebrity literally sets up their own photos on Instagram, social media every day. It’s like, oh, so that’s not … You’re just posted a photo, you doing something in your kitchen, and put it out to social media. But if you were to [inaudible 00:13:31] photo agency to take the same photo, and sell that to outlets instead of literally knowing that goes free everywhere and they just write, “@Instagram, Getty,” who sources it for them, it’s just so dumb. So I don’t even play that game.

Spencer Pratt (00:13:47):

And it’s just celebrities, that’s why I have a love/hate relationship with celebrities. Because they want all the fun part, and then they want to play like they don’t want it. They’re so method they want to act like, “Oh, I don’t even like being famous, I do this for the art.” Then go do it at a local theater. No, you do it for the money, you do it for the fame. But they can’t say that, because then they think the audience … Which nowadays the audience I don’t think cares. Maybe back then they did more, but now everyone you’re trying to sell to films themselves all day long, everyone’s a reality star now on social media.

Spencer Pratt (00:14:29):

So I never understood that, and I also knew that all these, BWR and all these firms, they’re paying 4000, 6000 a month, they’re calling the paparazzi. So maybe they’re not, “I would never call the paparazzi,” but you pay someone $6000 a month to call them for you, and inform them where you’re going to be to get photographs. So then it’s like, yeah, technically you don’t call the paparazzi, you pay somebody to call them for you. But that’s the other, so even if you don’t call-

Dax Holt (00:14:59):

I love that you-

Adam Glyn (00:15:00):

Dude, I just love that you-

Dax Holt (00:15:00):

… these gems of honesty are so great.

Adam Glyn (00:15:02):

… get it. It’s so great and refreshing, but you understand it, and I appreciate that. And I have to say, I’m based in New York, Spencer, and I’ve only shot you in New York City one time. It was actually after the, you were doing the press for [crosstalk 00:15:14]-

Spencer Pratt (00:15:14):

You had crutches, right? Didn’t you have, like broken something?

Adam Glyn (00:15:17):

Yeah, you were going to Conde Nast or some magazine, it was an afternoon, and you were with the MTV publicist, you guys were in a van. And of all the cast members are there, you and Heidi were the nicest. You were just excited to see me, and honestly as a fan, I was excited too, and you guys were so going out of your way, and the MTV publicist was trying to get you guys to keep moving, but you guys were so nice and so appreciative, and I appreciated that. And then to hear you have this conversation and hear you talking about this, it makes me appreciate even more, because you just understand the business and you understand the journalist side, the paparazzi side, and you understand we’re just trying to eat too.

Adam Glyn (00:15:53):

And again, we’re trying to make you look as good as possible either. I wasn’t asking anything fucked up, I was trying to make you look good, and I was … Literally I was there to promote the show, and of course the MTV publicist is like, “Ah, keep going,” I’m like, “Guys, I’m one of the biggest media you’re going to do all day. Just understand it.” But it’s just, it’s hard to keep battling this thing until these people start to realize it.

Spencer Pratt (00:16:17):

And you can ask the worst thing ever, and I go, “Oh, no comment, I don’t want to talk about that.” But prattdaddy.com. So it’s like, even, that’s your job to even ask those things that people, maybe that’s being written about. I wouldn’t even take offense when paparazzi would be like, whatever they said, I’d be like, “Somebody at your job told you to ask that.” So I never even … I mean, every one of our vacations, we had a paparazzi with us pretty much traveling with us, that’s how much we appreciated … Like Asia, my paparazzi in Kauai, he’s one of my good friends no, because he spent … My dad and him are buddies and go surf now, because when you go around trying to hit that many stage shoots and different outfit changes and locations, you’re pretty much on a vacation with people.

Spencer Pratt (00:17:06):

Like we’ve had, every vacation, a paparazzi from, whether it was Mega, Splash, PCN, Backgrid, there’s so many paps that are literally, go on vacations with Heidi and I, where, we would get margaritas with, and if we had nice bottles, we would … So we understood the game form how much we would … I would quiz, what photos, when the business was doing well, how competitive it was. So that’s how inside of the game we were.

Spencer Pratt (00:17:37):

At one time I bought a freaking camera and I was like, “I’m going to start papping fools,” because I was like, “They’re making more money at one time than actual talent,” for a minute. It was crazy.

Adam Glyn (00:17:49):

I just hope you[crosstalk 00:17:49]-

Dax Holt (00:17:49):

How much do you think-

Adam Glyn (00:17:51):

I [crosstalk 00:17:51] just want to know-

Dax Holt (00:17:51):

I was just going to ask, because-

Adam Glyn (00:17:51):

… I hope you appreciate how much we appreciate you being good to us. And I [crosstalk 00:17:56]-

Spencer Pratt (00:17:56):


Adam Glyn (00:17:56):

… speaking for the members of the community. Because we deal with so many assholes, when we have someone like you who gets, understands us, and just nice to us, because we have a lot of assholes. And not all of them are assholes, but someone like you understands, we appreciate just as much. Because some people think we’re bottom feeders, I’m like, “Dude.” I mean, my YouTube comments, people are constantly shitting on me, but when you have someone like you, it’s like, I appreciate that and a lot of other guys do, so I hope you just know that.

Spencer Pratt (00:18:18):

Oh, yeah, I mean, it’s no-brainer. It’s like, you’re filming me, trying to make me more famous? Hello, breaking news.

Adam Glyn (00:18:24):


Spencer Pratt (00:18:25):

Team player.

Dax Holt (00:18:27):

Spencer, how much do you think you’ve made off the paparazzi and selling your photos? Because I think that part is where I think you are really smart, there’s not a lot of people that either would get a backend deal or something, they just go, “Oh, I hate paparazzi, I don’t want them around.” But I’m like, “No, you could use them to your advantage, and they can make you money too.” And you don’t have to be specific, I’m just questioning, has it been over a million?

Spencer Pratt (00:18:51):

Oh no, over a million, easy. Easy.

Dax Holt (00:18:53):


Spencer Pratt (00:18:53):

Like I mean, this was the hardest part of … So when we quit The Hills, this is how much money we were making from selling our photos and stages that we were like, “We don’t even need MTV, we have the paparazzi.” And what we didn’t understand, which now if I had a time machine, the paparazzi was part of The Hills machine, like that, and that drama, and all that stuff, they all go together. The reason why everyone takes photos of Kim and all the Kardashians is Comcast. They’re part of this huge thing pushing them all over the world, airing in all these things so that the paparazzi photos go to Australia, because The Hills are in Australia. Going to England, all these markets, The Hills was keeping those paparazzi photos relevant. So that was the hardest reality check.

Spencer Pratt (00:19:45):

Obviously we moved to Costa Rica and plugged out of the game, then we moved to my parents’ beach house in Carpinteria, we didn’t stay, all due respect to Courtney Stodden, but that level of hustle that she was on back in a minute, we left that game. And I mean that in a positive, but where you’re doing, going around, thinking everything in the game. So we didn’t keep doing that, but we were making so much money that I thought we didn’t need TV, because we had paparazzi money.

Dax Holt (00:20:13):


Adam Glyn (00:20:14):


Spencer Pratt (00:20:14):

Which then … Like, every now and then some money, but not …

Adam Glyn (00:20:18):

The industry changed.

Spencer Pratt (00:20:20):

That too. I don’t know what year Instagram launched, but that was just, glitch in the Matrix.

Adam Glyn (00:20:27):

Yeah. So [crosstalk 00:20:29]-

Spencer Pratt (00:20:28):

I wish celebrities didn’t post. Instagram shouldn’t … I just talked on this Ringer podcast about the 2003s or whatever, and I was like, “Celebrities lost the plot,” this was what I was telling, I’ve said to Heidi, and she’s like, “You’re so right.” Celebrities used to only try to be relatable once a week in Stars: Just Like Us. One photo. Some dumb thing to look like … That was all you were supposed to be, just like us, with the little photo. Like, “They eat ice cream like us.” I don’t want to see your Instagram grid looking just like me. You’re a hundred millionaire, go look famous. Your Instagram should look like a famous person, where it’s unattainable. I want to pay $45 to watch your straight to digital movie now because you’re so freaking cool and rich and famous star, not because you eat the same popcorn as me and brush your teeth like me, and da da da.

Spencer Pratt (00:21:25):

So that drives me nuts, that all the celebrities turned into reality starts. They used to make fun of reality starts as like this Z-list thing, and I look at every A-lister now, minus Ben Affleck, that guy’s the man, he can pull it off. But I look at them all as Z-list, you’re all reality stars. You put too much out there, you film everything, and you’re just, you talk too much now. You’re Speidi. So they all turn into Speidi.

Dax Holt (00:21:55):

I do agree there is some aspect of being oversaturated, I think that’s why Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t want to have his photo taken, doesn’t do the social media … Because he’s like, “The time I want to give you is onscreen.” Like I was shocked when Jen Aniston joined Instagram. I’m like, “You’re so far above Instagram, what are you doing on Instagram? We don’t need you on Instagram, because we just want to imagine what your life is like, not actually see it play out.” And don’t get me wrong, I follow her, and I enjoy the follow-

Spencer Pratt (00:22:27):

No, no, I am … yeah, yeah.

Dax Holt (00:22:27):

… but it’s weird, because she’s so famous that-

Spencer Pratt (00:22:30):

Yeah, I mean, I get it. Sorry for all these beeps, I don’t know how to turn notifications-

Adam Glyn (00:22:34):

Don’t worry about it.

Spencer Pratt (00:22:34):

… off. I’ve tried a million times. I get it, because now brands like Smart Water, they will pay her however much if she does an Instagram tag with Smart Water. [inaudible 00:22:45] I get the business side of it, but as a fame person, I use Leo as an example. I was like, “That’s why Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s not” … My b-day? It’s-

Dax Holt (00:22:57):

It’s your birthday, Heidi?

Spencer Pratt (00:22:59):

I thought her birthday was September 15th. I don’t know. She just texted me, “My” … I was like, “Uh-oh.” So yeah, Leo’s so good at that, but he also comes off not … Like some starts try to do that and it comes off like, “Oh, get out of here.” You better be Leo level famous to try to play that. Benicio del Toro, another one, I don’t know what he does, and he even had a baby with Kim Stewart.

Dax Holt (00:23:28):


Adam Glyn (00:23:29):


Dax Holt (00:23:29):

So wait, what’s Heidi’s birthday?

Spencer Pratt (00:23:31):

Now I’m going to read this. It’s usually September 15th. Now I’m assuming-

Dax Holt (00:23:36):

Yeah, I just googled her to make sure.

Spencer Pratt (00:23:38):

No, she sent me shoes she wants for her b-day. It just said, “My b-day,” exclamation point, and you couldn’t see the shoes in it.

Dax Holt (00:23:49):

Wouldn’t that be great if on the podcast she didn’t realize it was her birthday? That’d have been funny.

Spencer Pratt (00:23:53):

Somebody just told me that I said my age was wrong in a Heather McDonald podcast, they messaged me like, “Hey, just so you know, you’re turning 38, not 39.” I’m like, “Thank you.”

Dax Holt (00:24:02):

That’s so good.

Adam Glyn (00:24:06):

Who’s a celebrity that reached out to you that really you’re like, “Man, this is fucking awesome,” that A, was either a fan, or B, is like, “Dude, I respect what you’re doing, I respect how you’re kind of changing the game.”

Spencer Pratt (00:24:14):

Oh, zero people. But the coolest person in person, Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt, we’ve seen him three times now, and he comes up to me and he’s like, “What’s up, cousin? Everybody says you my cousin.” I always say, “You know it, Pratt daddy,” or whatever, I was like, “Are you really telling people that? Can you say that on video at least?” So he’s as cool as it gets in person. I rolled up on Ben Affleck at Huckleberry early morning, all due respect to him, I don’t know if he was hungover. Just the moody look he was in, I was like, “This could go either way.” Cool as possible could be, did a video, I was like, “I love you, Ben Affleck.”

Dax Holt (00:24:56):

Wait, did he recognize you?

Spencer Pratt (00:24:58):

I don’t think he had woken up yet, I think I had stopped him from getting his coffee, it was early. And I don’t know, I think he was just like, “Hey, fan.” I came in so hot like a superfan, I don’t think … He probably thought I was a paparazzi.

Dax Holt (00:25:12):

That’s so funny.

Spencer Pratt (00:25:13):

So Ben Affleck, Rihanna was as cool as could be back in the day, was so nice to Heidi and said how much she loved Heidi. So Rihanna. Oh, obviously Taylor Swift is like the number one best Speidi supporter ever-

Dax Holt (00:25:27):


Spencer Pratt (00:25:27):

… sends me the freaking Taylor Swift exclusive cardigan and stuff before A-listers. Held Gunner backstage when … You know her Rep tour, she had this special place where … Like a big star was there. Who was the big star at the rep tour that had to go in this-

Dax Holt (00:25:46):

What’s up, Heidi?

Spencer Pratt (00:25:48):

… that had to go in the-

Heidi Montag (00:25:50):

[inaudible 00:25:50]?

Spencer Pratt (00:25:50):

No, way bigger. Like it was off in the … I don’t know, she had superstars in this little waiting area to see-

Heidi Montag (00:25:58):

Oh, in the waiting area, [crosstalk 00:25:59]-

Spencer Pratt (00:25:59):

And she didn’t even have us go there, she had us go right to her backstage, so Taylor number one, definitely.

Dax Holt (00:26:06):

Wait, was she like a big Hills fan, or what made her such a big fan of you guys?

Spencer Pratt (00:26:10):

We met her back in The Hills day a couple times with her mom at Cut, but I was so gone thinking I was Tom Cruise that I didn’t even appreciate that it was … Also, she was just starting to pop. She was, right when she was dating Taylor Lautner, and they were on a date there, and I was more excited about seeing Wolfman, and I was like, “You’re the wolf kid,” so I didn’t even give her the credit that was due at that time.

Spencer Pratt (00:26:36):

But no, when everyone was coming her with the Kim/Kanye thing I was on my Snapchat when I was getting eight million views and I was Snapchatter of the year, and the number one views, crazy views. I have them all screenshot for evidence one day if anyone doubts that I was getting eight million a Snap. And I was on there like, Taylor Swift riding so hard, because I felt like that hate that I used to get, and they were trying to put it on Taylor, I was like, “No, not letting this happen to Taylor.” And then, so she invited us backstage of the tour, and her and her mom were like, “Thank you for getting Taylor’s back when all these people that were supposedly her friends didn’t,” and I was like, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m Swiftie.”

Dax Holt (00:27:15):

That is so awesome, dude. You know what-

Spencer Pratt (00:27:18):

So, but no, no celebrities ever said like, “Great job, Spencer, for teaching us how to be famous.”

Dax Holt (00:27:23):

I don’t see why not, though. I feel like you guys, [crosstalk 00:27:26]-

Spencer Pratt (00:27:25):

Good story.

Dax Holt (00:27:25):

… paved the way.

Spencer Pratt (00:27:25):

Yeah. Ready for a good story.

Dax Holt (00:27:28):

I’m ready.

Spencer Pratt (00:27:30):

This is how I knew we were doing it right. So Tom Cruise was promoting, I think Mission Impossible or something, and this was when Heidi and I were as famous as you could be, USA Today poll, I framed that somewhere it is, where it was like Heidi/Spencer, Brangelina, TomKat, this was a ranking. And-

Dax Holt (00:27:51):

I remember that poll. I legit remember it, yep.

Spencer Pratt (00:27:54):

If I had tattoos, it would be tattooed on me. So Tom Cruse being asked about … People still bring this up to me and my friends, like, “You remember that day?” I’m like, “Yeah, I remember that day.” And there was a big monitor behind Tom Cruise, and it was just showing montages of Heidi and I doing stuff, and then they interrupt him whenever he’s talking about Mission Impossible and were like, “Look behind you, do you think Spencer should give Heidi a big wedding, or just a low-key,” and the look on Tom Cruise face, he played it off, and he’s like, “Spencer, give her the big wedding,” or whatever, da da da.

Spencer Pratt (00:28:29):

Like a couple weeks later, our publicist, he was naïve, thinking I wasn’t our publicist. All due respect to my boy Rick Rhodes, Rick Rhodes at Cohen and Wolf, who was a firm that did Taco Bell and big brands, they didn’t have people. He calls me, and he was like our best buddy, like drinking buddy, and he’s like, “Spencer, you won’t believe it. I just got the call from Tom Cruise’s publicist, they just doubled my fee,” whatever, which was crazy money, “They’re bringing me over to be on Tom Cruise’s team, I’m sorry, I got to take this opportunity.” I was like, “It’s TC, player, you got to do that,” like duh.

Spencer Pratt (00:29:12):

And he gets the job, two weeks later they just fire him. It was just to get him, they thought he was so powerful and doing Speidi and we were being more famous than TomKat, their play, I don’t know if Scientology who did this, but they hired him, double-paid him, and then he didn’t do … He hadn’t even started there. And then once it was like, the time, and then he couldn’t get his old job back, because they were like, “You just quit, no.” So they literally murked out our publicist. Thankfully, all due respect to Rick Rhodes, he didn’t do anything. So it was like, you need to hire and fire me, buddy. But that was crazy, so I knew Tom Cruise was that-

Dax Holt (00:29:54):

Dude, I love this conversation so much, because Adam and I are our biggest publicists, and we say this all the time, and we’re like, “What’s the point?” You did the same thing, you were your biggest publicist. Hollywood is filled with publicists and agents and managers, and it’s like-

Adam Glyn (00:30:14):

They’re used car salesmen.

Dax Holt (00:30:14):

… if you don’t hustle your own game, you ain’t going to do shit in Hollywood. It’s so true.

Spencer Pratt (00:30:19):

Oh, I always smile when people come up to me like in Erewhon and stuff, this happens recently, too, and they’re like, “I want to give you my card.” And I’m like, “Oh, what do you do?” And they’re like, “Oh, PR.” And I literally am like, “I’m good, thank you very much, I do my own.” But I want to be like, “How disrespectful of you thinking I need you, I never heard of you. Are you Tom Cruise? I don’t know who you are.” So if you can’t even make your firm where I look at you and go, “Oh my God, you’re Joe Schmoe, the biggest publicist in the game,” until yr there, I don’t want your card, all due respect to all these firms.

Spencer Pratt (00:30:50):

Also what I learned is when people want to work with you, they will … Like with this podcast. Yeah, other people tried to reach out and were like … Hollywood Raw, in all due respect, I was like, “Eh,” and then you DM’d me and were putting that energy and I was like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” But third party stuff, I don’t care if it’s … Until somebody who is involved with it is reaching out to me, then I’m like, “Oh, okay.” So that’s even how I operate.

Adam Glyn (00:31:15):

Yeah. And I want to put this out there, so people know. How I got Spencer on this podcast, I DM’d him and said, “Listen,” I said, “What’s your email?” He’s like, “Dude, just DM me. It’s totally fine, you don’t have to email me.” And he showed up on … Whatever, he showed up on time, he was-

Spencer Pratt (00:31:29):

Five minutes late, five minutes late.

Adam Glyn (00:31:30):

Five minutes late, that’s totally find.

Spencer Pratt (00:31:32):

I was helping England recover.

Adam Glyn (00:31:34):

You know what, I respect that. In all honesty, and I kept telling you, because I’ve been trying to get you for months. I was like, “Dude, we’re your biggest fans. We support you, we think you’re so ahead of the curve, and you’ve been so intelligent and changed the game for a lot of people,” including people like Kim Kardashian, which, tell me if I’m wrong, were you approached by Kris Jenner to potentially manage or represent Kim?

Spencer Pratt (00:31:57):

All right, so this is what I love about the Kardashians. So before I even speak on that, when I said at one time, which was true, Kim, at one level, was organizing Heidi’s closet on The Hills and getting edited out, and didn’t even make the cut. Then People magazine ran like, “Kim’s team said this is absolutely false, blah blah blah blah, this never happened.” Thank God, the one time MTV, I don’t even know if they meant to back me up, were like, “Wait, do we have that footage?” And maybe a couple weeks later, MTV released unseen bonus footage of Kim K organzizing Heidi’s closet. And it just shows you the game. You literally just lied to People magazine, didn’t even check with anybody. Kim could’ve told you, “Yes, I filmed for The Hills,” maybe she forgot organzizing the closet, or whatever. But all good, like that’s what your job was, was a professional … You got paid a lot-

Adam Glyn (00:32:51):

She was a stylist, wasn’t she?

Spencer Pratt (00:32:52):

Yeah, you got paid a lot. That’s, freaking, there’s a girl with a Netflix show that does that, that everyone’s always, [Komo 00:32:57] or [Kono 00:32:59], [crosstalk 00:32:59] I don’t know, but I was like, “You got to get Maria Kono”, it’s like-

Adam Glyn (00:33:01):

Marie Kondo.

Spencer Pratt (00:33:01):

Kondo, exactly. It’s like, yeah, this girl has a Netflix show, that’s a big … So I wasn’t even being shady. So, rewind all the way back to the Princes of Malibu. We have, you can go watch it on YouTube. I actually, I think I have it in my favorites, because I watch it over and over sometimes, just to remember that feeling. They zoom in on Kourtney and Kim’s face, this was their first time they’d ever seen a reality show. At our show, Princes of Malibu, invited to our filming, they are nobody, all due respect. They are just girls from the Valley. Their eyes, you can see them twinkling, you see the magic dust hitting their face of when they realize, “This is, we need this.”

Spencer Pratt (00:33:45):

I don’t know if it was three days later, a week later, I remember being on the freeway, on speakerphone, with Brody as my witness driving, call from Kris Jenner. “Hey, we want to do what you’re doing in Malibu with Bruce and” … This was, I’m not shading Caitlyn, I don’t know how this works, but we are now talking about Bruce. Caitlyn is Caitlyn now, this was Bruce then. “Bruce,” and she says, “I want to do with my girls, and have you produce in the Valley our own show.” And I’m like, right now our show hadn’t been canceled, because Linda Thompson and David Foster hadn’t been divorced, so I’m like, “I have my own network Fox show,” all due respect, I grew up in Palisades. Again, the Valley was very different, when I grew up, it’s like, “Ugh, the Valley, oh my God, I wouldn’t even go in the Valley.” This is literally a mindset, I grew up with that.

Spencer Pratt (00:34:37):

So I literally was like, “They want to do a show in the Valley? Ugh.” I literally, that stupid. And I’m like, “Uh-huh (affirmative),” we hang up, Brody and I laugh, he was talking about like, “Reality show in the Valley, ahaha.” So good for her, she then calls up Ryan Seacrest, who had the first look for, because of the red … Done. And at the end of the day, I really thought about it a million, trillion times. I don’t think the Kardashians would’ve happened with me, even if I had brought in whoever I was producing with at the time. It needed Ryan Seacrest to champion it along, be in the building. Ryan’s a superpower, so I’m sure he was doing so much that I wouldn’t have done to keep it, when maybe they were going to cancel it, him like, “No, no, no, I wanted this to” … So all the regret I have about that call, I truly have thought about it a million times, and I don’t think the Kardashians would’ve been the Kardashians without Ryan Seacrest.

Spencer Pratt (00:35:40):

But, I’ve also thought about, “What if I’d called Ryan Seacrest and brought it to Ryan Seacrest?” Like, “I got the guy. I can’t do this, but I’ll take a cut.”

Adam Glyn (00:35:50):

Yeah, [crosstalk 00:35:51] still keep [crosstalk 00:35:52]-

Dax Holt (00:35:52):

So the one thing that I wanted to ask you, because you became famous as a reality star, and you know how hard it is to maintain fame in this industry. Do you look at the Kardashians, like I look at, I am so impressed, because I know how hard it is in this industry. Do you look at it, are you as impressed with the Kardashians as I am? Because I think the general public kind of shits on them, but I’m like, “No, you don’t understand, what they have done is a miracle.”

Spencer Pratt (00:36:22):

I mean, like I’m broke right now. It’s impossible to even make money as a … Like the fact that Kim is a billionaire now, or Kylie’s … These people are history book level awesome. But as a Swiftie I have to hate Kim, obviously, until she apologizes for setting up Taylor. But, well, Kris is a freaking genius. Kris could’ve been, I think, now looking at things, she could’ve started WME with Ari, she could’ve been a power agent and … So, because to manage those personalities and continue making success with so many … Like all due respect to them, that they haven’t been canceled for so many different things with how sensitive everyone is nowadays, and just think, I watched every episode of the show, things that they’ve gotten away with.

Spencer Pratt (00:37:22):

But then again, I’ve said a million times. I would be as rich as a Kardashian, and I would be a Kardashian right now if Viacom had got behind Speidi the way Comcast got behind that family. If you have a conglomerate that’s like, “Okay, we’re in business with them for 10 plus years, this is going to be,” then I would have at least $500 million right now if ViacomCBS … Keep in mind, Heidi and I spent $2.7 million of our own money on her pop album, getting all the superstars, anybody that connected to superpower pop music to do her album so it was bulletproof. Yeah, maybe not live performance, whatever, but streaming, downloads, you listen to it, bulletproof, mixing, all the Grammy-winner engineers, and we had Todd Moscowitz, president of … What was he president of at the time? He became president of Warner Music Group, but he was president of Asylum, I don’t know, big-

Dax Holt (00:38:22):

So one of the big ones, like Interscope or something?

Spencer Pratt (00:38:23):

That level, he then, he was a president of one of the biggest record labels in New York, I’m totally blanking. Atlantic. Atlantic, Atlantic. And he was like our boy, he was all in on the project, and he was calling Viacom like, “Hey, we want to put this behind this, and do this for the show, bring in,” they’re like, “No, we’re not touching Heidi’s music, we don’t want to follow that.” And he’s like, “I’m a conglomerate, you’re a conglomerate, remember what we did with Ashlee Simpson? We can do that times a billion, because that show wasn’t even close to what The Hills is.” And it was just, boom, black … Like not even. So right there alone we could’ve got to the Lady Gaga money, because Lady Gaga appeared on The Hills, performed at a little fashion show and was able to boost off of that to get, like that’s how popping five million views meant back in linear TV at that time.

Spencer Pratt (00:39:17):

So knowing that, I’m like, “Okay, I was robbed of at least $100 million in music,” that nobody has the president of a label calling over the president of Viacom, and they’re like, “No, we’re not doing music. She fake works at Bolthouse.” Like, how stupid do you think this planet is? She’s in the cover of every Us Weekly, interns at Bolthouse for … No, she worked there for five minutes season one. This, not breaking the fourth wall, but letting LC have fashion … So the control of like, LC can make millions, but Heidi and Spencer can’t make millions. It was shady. So yes, long story short, the Kardashians are incredible, in that they … But let me, it’s just, they have the magic dust. Look at Lamar the other day, commenting, and-

Adam Glyn (00:40:09):

And Tristan Thompson-

Spencer Pratt (00:40:09):

… then Tristan’s like, “You already, God brought you back, don’t play twice,” and like, talking like he’s a gangster out here. Like, dude, you’re a millionaire NBA player, you’re talking like you’re in the Big U documentary on gangsters in LA over here. I was like, “This is too good,” it was like my favorite comment in so long.

Adam Glyn (00:40:30):

So wait, why wasn’t Viacom behind you guys? Why weren’t they … Was there a reasoning before-

Spencer Pratt (00:40:34):

Because I think they’d already been in a partnership with LC, Cole. I think it was some deep money, power struggle with, they wanted to-

Dax Holt (00:40:43):

But why not go for all of it? You don’t have to limit to just LC, go with everyone. Make as much money as possible.

Spencer Pratt (00:40:50):

I think they thought acknowledging that … They never acknowledged we were famous during the show. When we had 40 paparazzi outside, they didn’t feel … So that’s why also the Kardashians looked so much more famous, got so much more famous, is their reality show showed the paparazzi taking their photos when they … So, and that was the biggest problem with The Hills, that I thought, “Break this fourth wall. Show that these kids in Hollywood are popping.” Middle America sees 40 paparazzi as you go in the area, and then go to the table and has the same drama, you didn’t take away from the petty, stupid drama, you heightened it, like, “I care about these people, they’re celebrities.” So if I could figure out who stopped that, I’m not saying I would be writing Tristan Thompson comments on their posts, but yes, I don’t wish bad things on them.

Dax Holt (00:41:48):

Did you guys have any say-so when The Hills came back, of things that you wanted to change, or things that they could do better? For instance-

Spencer Pratt (00:41:54):

So here’s how The Hills came back, another biggest mistake in my life. So when I was Snapchatter of the year, getting the most fame, popping, hanging out with Taylor Swift, getting the most fame I’ve ever had in my life, writing for Cosmo every week, doing a Cosmopolitan live show on their Facebook, MTV reaches out and they are like, this is when they were putting big money into digital, they gave me a show called Spencer Pratt Will Heal You. Spent way too much money on the production, like we only needed one camera, and I think we should’ve spent all that money on marketing and YouTube ads, and talent that we put on it. But I had a bigger crew than I just had on The Hills.

Spencer Pratt (00:42:36):

So they were in the Spencer business, giving me the MTV account to go live on every week for an hour, whatever I wanted to do. Then they started flying me every Monday to go, when TRL was so happening, this was like four years ago, the last season, probably. Flying me every Sunday night, first class, sweet hotel, and then having me do TRL recaps on Siesta Key, my favorite show on MTV.

Spencer Pratt (00:43:02):

The executives called me in, top executives. They’re like, “Spencer, we want to give you and Heidi a reality show about your life.” Dumbest thing I ever said in my whole life, probably, was in that moment, I said, “Let’s bring The Hills back.” They’re like, “This Hills? No, we want to do, what you got, and your crystals and all this.” I’m like, “Nah, nah, nah, we got to bring The Hills back.” And they’re like, “Nobody’ll do The Hills.” I’m like, I start calling people in the room. I get Brody on the phone, I get Audrina on the phone, start texting … I’m like, “Whoever, I’ll get people on The Hills.” And they’re like, “Eh, I don’t know, I don’t know about bringing back The Hills.” They now deny this happened, but I have emails about it, so I don’t even know why, because I think they don’t even want to give me credit. Which now I don’t want credit, because it’s the worst show ever, so you keep credit for The Hills being back, that’s you, not Spencer.

Spencer Pratt (00:43:54):

So yeah, and I should’ve said, “Let’s go. My life is so entertaining, I want to make a hit show, all my friends want to make a hit show.” Why would I bring back all these scrub, freaking bootleg benchwarmers that don’t even want to put in the energy, and want to image craft and not make a success.

Spencer Pratt (00:44:13):

So, but my goal was to be Jersey Shore. I thought maybe after 10 years of all these people not being famous, not making money, they would get Jersey Shore energy, and we could build a franchise together, and I was thinking long-term. Ha, boy was I wrong. So yeah, it is what it is. But I learned a life lesson. Spencer, Heidi, back to priorities. Why am I worrying about trying to get Brody famous? Why am I trying to get Audrina … Who are these people? Spencer, Speidi, my son Gunner.

Spencer Pratt (00:44:46):

So it was a great … Because I’m not giving up the grind, so now I will never pump up another person that I don’t think, me, like, “No, Justin Bobby, he’s so great, let’s get Justin Bobby,” just BS BS BS BS, trying to … No. I will keep it 100, you’ll never catch me lying again about anybody, trying to make them look entertaining to build a franchise.

Dax Holt (00:45:09):

So when do we get the Speidi show then?

Spencer Pratt (00:45:11):

Oh, we already started filming, we started filming.

Dax Holt (00:45:13):


Spencer Pratt (00:45:13):

Oh yeah, it’s on.

Dax Holt (00:45:14):

This is great.

Spencer Pratt (00:45:15):

We’re on week three.

Dax Holt (00:45:16):

Fuck yeah, dude.

Spencer Pratt (00:45:17):


Dax Holt (00:45:17):

This is great.

Adam Glyn (00:45:17):

Is this picked up already?

Spencer Pratt (00:45:19):

They have, MTV Viacom has the first look, or whatever, but they pass, it’s not even … Now there’s so many platforms that you come to the table with what I’m coming to the table with, like Snapchat Originals, Facebook Watch, IGTV, now it’s like, you bring heat, you have the show. The day of linear TV controlling where your spinoff, like if you have a squad … All my employees, I have 12 employees. They’re the most entertaining women on the Earth. They are thirsty, they want to be famous, they have drama, they are drama. That’s why you need. You need people that want this, that success in Hollywood. People, like you were saying, you have to be your own publicist. My team’s texting me every day, “When are they filming this, why aren’t they filming this?” [inaudible 00:46:13] like, “Oh, this is what I’m talking about,” not pulling teeth out of here to get people, boring as hell, trying to … That’s crazy, it’s crazy. [crosstalk 00:46:23]-

Dax Holt (00:46:24):

This is exciting news, I like this.

Spencer Pratt (00:46:26):


Dax Holt (00:46:27):

Sorry, I didn’t know this was going on, but I think that the world has … This I what we’ve been waiting for, we’ve been waiting for this Heidi and Spencer reality show, like fuck the other characters, yeah.

Spencer Pratt (00:46:38):

Oh, and there’s no fourth-

Dax Holt (00:46:39):

You guys are the two entertaining ones.

Spencer Pratt (00:46:40):

There’s no fourth wall being broken, because there is no … This is a simulation show. Our camera operator, because the girls love him, because we have two of them, they’re like young, it, hipster cool guys, and all the girls flirt with them, and they’re always trying to FaceTime, like, “Come film me.” I was like, “You two are on the cast. When we get this really going, the new crew comes, you two film … This is meta. You will be filming, but you’re cast members, putting the camera down,” because the girls love our camera operator directors, and they’re stars. So I was like, “This is the show.” I’m FaceTiming the executive producer, Alex Baskin at Evolution, I’m putting him on speaker and he’s like, “How’s the shoot going?” And I’m filming, talking about, I’m like, “Any suggestions?” He’s like, “We need that, just make sure your characters are being themselves.” And it’s so meta, but it’s like, this is what the audience wants, to hear the top dog producer explaining what makes hit TV, and to making sure we’re capturing that. Yeah.

Dax Holt (00:47:41):

This is great.

Adam Glyn (00:47:42):

So right now you’re in the season two of The Hills, will there be a season three of The Hills?

Spencer Pratt (00:47:46):

Oh, I will be surprised if they air the rest of this season. I’m waiting for the day MTV’s like, “We’re just not airing the rest of the season.”

Dax Holt (00:47:55):

And why do think it was so bad?

Spencer Pratt (00:47:57):

Because the cast. The cast came back from COVID with these versions of themselves they wanted to Instagram post their … They thought the cameras were there to promote their … Like, the cameras are there to follow their real lives, so it’s not supposed to like, you image … This isn’t a filter, this isn’t how you want to look, what you want out there. These aren’t skits you’re performing, we’re not acting.

Spencer Pratt (00:48:24):

So I think that, and then the producers had nothing, so they went with nothing, because there’s nothing there, and it just looks like that. And so, yeah, it’s all the cast. I don’t blame the producers. They had a hit with Beverly Hills Housewives, it’s the same people, same … What’s the difference? Oh, the cast.

Dax Holt (00:48:42):

Have you said that to any of them when you guys were filming? Like, “What the hell is going on, guys?”

Spencer Pratt (00:48:46):

I was yelling at all them. One of the cast members recently just said, complaining, “Yeah, Spencer would say like, ‘That’s never going to air, why are you even talking about that? How dare him.'” And then it’s like, no, I was trying to tell you stop wasting this money. These are people’s jobs, people here want a franchise. They are here because they believed in the show. They don’t want you to hear, trying to slang your little product, they want real. So yeah, I was, 100%, that’s why everyone turned on me so crazy, because I was calling them all out. Like I’m not even playing pretend with you idiots, stop this. I know what you’re really thinking, I know how you two really feel about each other, I know what really happened with you two. But if I bring it up, “Oh, Spencer, he’s always trying to make drama, he’s the bad guy.” It’s like, I don’t care enough about your storyline and helping you anymore, to even …

Spencer Pratt (00:49:40):

Yeah, if it was my show and it said executive producer, Spencer Pratt, created by? Then I would’ve literally been like, “Hey Audrina, how do you feel about Kaitlynn? Say what you really said about Ashley.” “Oh, Justin. You and Brody? You two hate each other, could we talk about that?” I would’ve done all that. But I’m not getting paid more to do that. That’s it. You guys don’t want to make a good show? Fine. I’ll wait this one out, bye. So that was where I got with it, like I know what’s really happening, and you guys aren’t filming. I know what’s really going on in your guys’ marriage, and what just happened, and allegations, and who Brandon’s friend said, did what. I know all this. But do I care about bringing all this up? No. Because you all are going to be like, “Spencer’s a liar, that never happened.”

Spencer Pratt (00:50:24):

So anything I did bring up, it’s like, “He just makes things up, the guy” … It’s like, bunch of idiots.

Adam Glyn (00:50:30):

Is it weird having to keep people like Brandon on the show, because he’s more than 10 years younger than you. Is it weird having that kind of-

Spencer Pratt (00:50:36):

No, because it made sense. I was like, “Okay, we got a ringer coming in.” He was supposed to come in, he was saying he was going to bang Audrina to the producers,” and that would’ve been, oh, we got a young guy hooking up with Audrina, and now maybe Justin and Brody are like, “Who’s this guy? Where’s our storylines with Audrina?” So I mean, I see the logic. Did he deliver? No, because he wants to be an actor. Not wants to be, he is an actor. I’m sorry, Brandon. He’s acting. So if you’re trying to do two things, you can’t be a serious method actor, and be a reality star. And I think he realized that, and somebody told him that too late in the game, and he was like, “Oh, I’ll just get these easy checks because no one’s calling me out for that.”

Spencer Pratt (00:51:16):

So I get it, and I can’t hate the player, it’s the game. And good for him, he’ll continue acting and he definitely won’t be doing reality. But I did find it so funny the other day when he got announced on Deadline for some project and it said, like where it shows your past works, and it’s like, “The Hills: New Beginnings,” in parentheses like, “Dude, you’re famous for a reality show.”

Adam Glyn (00:51:39):

For punching his dad [crosstalk 00:51:42]-

Spencer Pratt (00:51:42):

Yeah, no, I think his dad had it coming, all due respect.

Adam Glyn (00:51:43):


Dax Holt (00:51:45):

So I’ve got a question for you. You obviously have gone on the record saying that you guys have spent a lot of money over the years. What do you think was the one thing that you spent too much money on, that you’re like, “I wish I wouldn’t have spent money on that.”

Spencer Pratt (00:51:58):

Security. I was spending like-

Dax Holt (00:52:00):

Security? Really?

Spencer Pratt (00:52:01):

… $10,000 a day on bodyguards. Like I think the-

Dax Holt (00:52:04):

A day?

Spencer Pratt (00:52:07):

100%, going to Vegas.

Dax Holt (00:52:08):


Spencer Pratt (00:52:09):

Like we’d have a entourage, everyone’s 1000 a day, you travel, travel fees, first class tickets, they’re all with us, hotel suite, they ate with us, I’m cool as hell, I’m not putting them in bad anything. Thankfully all these guys still love me, and know if you ask Big D or any of these famous bodyguards, Spencer and Heidi are the greatest people ever. So, but no, I should’ve literally just got one off-duty sheriff and spent a thousand when we’d go out. Because it was worth it to be secure, nothing ever happened to us, we never got robbed, nothing, da da da da. So, but that was the most money, was just security.

Dax Holt (00:52:49):

Was it partly the appearance, you wanted to have the big entourage because you were a huge reality star?

Spencer Pratt (00:52:56):

That, and I was wearing Jason of Beverly Hills $50,000 watches, and I wasn’t buying them, he was giving them to me to … And you sign something that’s like, “If this happens, you’re paying for it,” and the necklaces with the dripping … We were going into his, Jason, before Drake even knew who he was, when Drake was still on Nickelodeon. So I didn’t want to get robbed, because I didn’t own the stuff. If I’d owned it, I would’ve been like, “Eh.” So yeah, and Birkin bags, it’s definitely the look, too, of course. And I never thought we’d be not-famous, so if we were never not famous, and I would’ve been smart, and I would’ve never got robbed like Kim Kardashian.

Dax Holt (00:53:38):

I don’t think you consider yourself not famous, because you’re-

Spencer Pratt (00:53:41):

No, but I mean, not rich famous.

Dax Holt (00:53:42):


Spencer Pratt (00:53:43):

Like Kardashian famous. Because as famous as the Kardashians are, there’s nowhere I go where I’m not taking photos, people aren’t coming up to me, I just don’t have the money with it.

Dax Holt (00:53:55):

It’s funny you say that, because I can’t remember who it was, but someone had said that’s the hardest part about Hollywood, where you can be so famous, but if you don’t have money, it’s tough.

Adam Glyn (00:54:06):

Kid Rock said the worst thing in Hollywood is to be famous with no money.

Spencer Pratt (00:54:09):

Well thank God, organically I started selling crystals, because it was a real organic thing that people actually want to buy, and I do have the best ones. So that ended up becoming bigger business than anything, so the fame, and the platforms, and the audience, I was able to monetize. So without the crystals, I would be tripping, like oh my God, I’m effed. But now I’m set for life.

Adam Glyn (00:54:38):

Wow. So you’re-

Dax Holt (00:54:39):

Crystals are setting you for life?

Adam Glyn (00:54:40):

Pratt Daddy’s over the-

Spencer Pratt (00:54:40):

Oh, my first year on Pratt Daddy was two million, my second year 1.9, during the pandemic. And then this season of The Hills, because I didn’t do any Pratt Daddy and it was all Hills filming, Hills trips, was our worst business ever, so it showed me TV is irrelevant to my actual finances. TV hurts me. When I’m in my office, slanging crystals on Snapchat, going live, doing all that, I make millions. When I do TV, I make thousands. I make reality money.

Dax Holt (00:55:11):


Adam Glyn (00:55:11):


Dax Holt (00:55:11):

That’s interesting.

Adam Glyn (00:55:11):

And just explain to me, so a lot of people see you on social media with the crystals. For people who aren’t familiar with the crystals and what they kind of do, the energy, the auras around them, what is it? How’d you get involved, and what exactly should you feel with the crystals?

Spencer Pratt (00:55:30):

So back in 2009, I was eating at Bay Cities, told this story a bunch, so if you’ve, listening, you’ve heard it, it’s the story. We’re at Bay Cities waiting, if you’ve never eaten at Bay Cities, go eat at Bay Cities. Get the Godmother, it’s on Lincoln. It used to be like 45 minute wait, Heidi and I were waiting outside for our Godmothers. And I look across the street, I see this huge white rock. I don’t know anything about crystals, I’m like, “It looks like a dope, big, X-Men looking rock.”

Spencer Pratt (00:55:58):

So I run across the street, and I’m like, “I want to buy this thing. Here’s my card, I’ll be right back. Figure it all out, I got to get my sandwich.” He runs it, boom, run back. I get a call, this is when I used to have business managers, shout out Barry Siegel, that’s the type of money I was making, like I had … Now I don’t, obviously. So Barry Siegel’s team calls me, my business manager’s like, “Oh, there’s fraud on your credit card.” I’m like, “Excuse me?” And they’re like, “Yeah, this rock shop just said that … That we called, and we got it canceled.” And I was like, “No, I bought that rock.” And they’re like, “Well, they said it was $65,000, and $10,000 delivery.” I was like, “What? What are you talking about, the rock was that much money?” And they’re like, “Yeah, but don’t worry, we canceled it.” I was like, “No, no, I want that rock, I like that rock.” And they’re like, “You want us to call back?” I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, I want that rock.”

Spencer Pratt (00:56:56):

So that’s my first crystal, was a 3000 pound quartz crystal that I was told was from a volcano in Peru. I don’t believe that, now that I know more about crystals, I think it was just from Brazil in a mine. But great story, I was picturing it floating in lava, I was like, “Ooh, this has got superpowers.” So then I felt like that crystal started tractor beaming crystals into my house, so then all of a sudden I just start buying so many crystals. At first I was like, “They just look dope,” I wasn’t … And then I started reading about all of them, and I was like, “What, this has these powers?” And you start reading about how ancient civilizations and cultures all over the world believed, and then you start connecting, like, “All these people on these different parts of the planet all believe this stone did this,” so you start being like, “Okay, I believe that, da da da da da.”

Spencer Pratt (00:57:47):

Maybe I didn’t feel it yet, because I was so hyped up on just fame and just excited every day and hustling, that I don’t think I was grounded enough to even feel any energy from a crystal, because I was lit. But so then, Heidi gets her plastic surgeries, and the painkillers were not working. It was tragic, the most pain, I was like, “Oh my God,” freaking out, I’m googling everything, I’m like, “Shit, maybe there’s a crystal that will help with this,” because I’m all over the house, I’m searching, I come up with one that says, “For surgical pain, whatever, sugilite.” So then I go around the city, I find a $15,000 museum grade chunk of sugilite, and I give it to Heidi, she holds that, sleeps all through the night, no pain.

Spencer Pratt (00:58:33):

And people could say, “Oh, it’s placebo effect.” Oh no, no, the amount of pain she was in, you’re not going to just go hold a rock and go, “Oh my God, I feel better.” I wish. So I was all in, turned into Harry Potter, started getting crystal wands. Like no joke, I would use my crystal wand an open portals before I’d open and … Like if I was walking into Giorgio Baldi, I would open the portal, and then I would go through it, and I would set the … Like we went so deep, and you can’t live on Earth, the level we went, and then I had to come back from that after a few years, because you can’t be in society and have people … They would’ve Britney’d me. I would’ve had a conservatorship if I had kept on that path of crystal energy. So-

Dax Holt (00:59:20):

I can’t wait for this reality show, dude. This is the shit I want to see. I want to see portals being opened, please.

Spencer Pratt (00:59:24):

Oh no, when we were in Costa Rica I took all these Lemurian crystals and I made this big grid, you could call it a coincidence, I make a big grid of these Lemurian crystals, each one’s like 3000. Nobody can try this, because it’s so expensive. So maybe when crystals are this rare and you do this many, in Costa Rica, all of a sudden, full on lightning storm, boom. Blows out the Four Seasons Costa Rica generator, all the power goes out. They come with flashlights, and this hotel had been around for nine years, I’m like, “Has this ever happened?” They’re like, “No.” I’m like, “It’s my grid, my grid, oh my God, Heidi.”

Spencer Pratt (01:00:07):

Next thing you know, in the lightning storm, Heidi is my witness, UFO, rainbow UFO shooting around blasting through and back and forth through the lighting. I’m like, “Oh, this, I am tapped in here, I am” … And then, real talk, you can say conspiracy theories, whatever. Black helicopters started following me, in real life, straight up out of that Will Smith movie, I forget what it’s called-

Dax Holt (01:00:33):

Men in Black?

Spencer Pratt (01:00:33):

No, no, no, no, no, with Shia LaBeouf.

Dax Holt (01:00:39):

Oh, god dang.

Spencer Pratt (01:00:43):

No, not Shia LaBeouf. The Will Smith one where he has the big, his guy from college puts it in his pocket, he’s got the chip, and then the NSA is chasing him. Oh my God, what is that name? I’ll figure it out later. So, black helicopters are coming to set-

Dax Holt (01:01:03):

The Gemini Man?

Spencer Pratt (01:01:04):

No, that’s-

Dax Holt (01:01:05):


Spencer Pratt (01:01:05):

We’re talking about ’90s, it’s really, like Tony Scott directed it.

Dax Holt (01:01:10):

Ah, shit, I don’t remember. I, Robot … Anyway.

Spencer Pratt (01:01:15):

No, [inaudible 01:01:16] Will Smith, [crosstalk 01:01:17]-

Dax Holt (01:01:16):

I’m just going through all of them right now, there’s so many movies.

Spencer Pratt (01:01:19):

So, black helicopters hovering above Hills sets, where production would get shut down, and they were like, “What was going on?” Tinted out, pods on the bottom. So I was like, “It’s my crystals.” Keep in mind, I was collecting meteorites at this time, real story. Ready for this, you want to believe in conspiracy theories?

Spencer Pratt (01:01:39):

Get a knock on the door, two guys. “We’re here to inform you that you need to get rid of all your meteorites. They’re radioactive. You need to-“

Dax Holt (01:01:50):


Spencer Pratt (01:01:50):

Heidi watched this happen, because I’m buying up all the meteorites, because I’m … Nobody’s spending this type of money, I was making The Hills, buying all the meteorites and everywhere. So two guys come to the house and say, “Your meteorites are radioactive.” I got rid of them, obviously, but I was sleeping with them by my bed, and so who knows? I was tapping into aliens.

Dax Holt (01:02:09):


Spencer Pratt (01:02:10):

So yeah, so I got really into crystals. And then I kept buying them, we ran out of money buying them, and Heidi’s like, “You can’t buy any more crystals,” but I’m addicted to buying them. She’s like, “You have to sell your crystals if you want to buy them.” And I was like, “I’m not selling my crystals.” And I was like, “What if I buy a bunch of crystals, and then I get to keep the ones I don’t sell.” And she’s like, “I don’t care what you do, as long as you sell the crystals.” So, that’s how prattdaddy.com started.

Dax Holt (01:02:34):

And I got to say, because I’m on the website right now, this stuff is beautiful. I think people, when you talk about it, may have a vision of just crystals sitting around the house, but-

Spencer Pratt (01:02:43):

Oh, these are specimens.

Dax Holt (01:02:46):

… it’s like, you have beautiful necklaces, and amazing jewelry that you are selling on prattdaddy.com, I mean, gorgeous stuff.

Spencer Pratt (01:02:53):

So my carvers have been doing this for 40 years. I bought them out of the gem show world, they’ve been doing it for 40 years, hand-cutting all their material they’ve been sourcing for 40 years, this stuff that’s like, you can’t eve get now, material that’s been mined out. And I went to them, I was like, “I want to buy your entire inventory.” And they’re like, “No, no, we’ve been doing this 40 years.” I was like, “Here’s my number, you guys are in your 60s, you can’t do this forever, let me be your guy.” And then three weeks later they called me and they’re like, “Okay, we’re going to retire and carve exclusively for Pratt Daddy.” So no, and I’m giving this stuff away.

Spencer Pratt (01:03:31):

For instance, this gem silica carving that they just sent me, I’m like, “I’m keeping this, I’m not selling this for $500.” And my carver’s, she’s like a old elderly lady, sorry, she’s a senior citizen. If she’s listening, I’m sorry for shading you. And she’s like, “Well, I mean, if you want to put it up for 4000, and just,” I’m like, “You were just going to let me sell this for $500 Cindy, what do you mean … Yes, it’s gem silica, what do you mean 4000? You just said 500.” She’s like, “Well, I mean, I don’t know how to price these things.” I’m like, “Oh my God, I’m giving stuff away.” I always tell people like, I’m giving things away on prattdaddy.com. My fish tank is literally just leaking.

Dax Holt (01:04:15):

By the way, was that Enemy of the State?

Spencer Pratt (01:04:17):

Yes, Enemy of the State.

Dax Holt (01:04:18):

There you go.

Spencer Pratt (01:04:19):

Thank you.

Adam Glyn (01:04:20):

So I also want to know, I saw that Katie Couric came to the house and checked out the hummingbirds with you. Why do you love these hummingbirds so much?

Spencer Pratt (01:04:29):

So the day Heidi found out she was pregnant, right at our front door in Santa Barbara, there was this hummingbird kept on buzzing my head, I was like, “What is this hummingbird doing? Chill out,” like attacking me. And then I look to the right, and there were two little Tic Tac sized eggs, and then a couple hours later I come back out, boom, little baby hummingbirds hatch. I’m like, “Heidi, this is God.” This is like, “You find out you’re pregnant and we have baby hummingbirds hatch?” So I start googling significance of birth and pregnancy and hummingbird eggs, and there was all these articles, and dimensional things, and faeries, and I was like, “Oh man, this is my spirit animal, I got to tap in on this.” And started feeding these, and then, so that started five years ago, or four years ago now.

Dax Holt (01:05:16):

I remember we had Weintraub on a couple weeks ago, you remember when he called you?

Spencer Pratt (01:05:19):

I did, I did-

Dax Holt (01:05:21):

[crosstalk 01:05:21]-

Spencer Pratt (01:05:22):

… [crosstalk 01:05:22]. I was like, “You really just FaceTimed me during hummingbird feeding?” Well, when somebody ignores seven FaceTimes, like, “I’m doing something, Weintraub.” I appreciate your manager hustle, but it’s like, hello? I’m ending them. But yes, I-

Dax Holt (01:05:39):

Is there anything, have you incorporated the hummingbird stuff with the crystals, like crystal feeders or anything? Because hummingbirds are one of those animals that people love to have in their backyards. Feeders, all that kind of stuff.

Spencer Pratt (01:05:54):

I’ve looked into that, it’s just, right now … Once I started doing too many things, like with doing The Hills, I have a multimillion dollar business, I got to just focus on my crystals, and in the future, I’m never going to stop feeding hummingbirds, so one day, definitely, I’m going to have a feeder, and it’s going to be … But the problem is, like if you’re a good hummingbird feeder, you have to clean them every day, boiling hot water. Crystals are so fragile, you start putting crystals on your feeders, are they going to break? It becomes a balance of like, what’s good for the hummingbirds, and what’s a good product? So yeah, I mean, I sell the hand feeders sometimes, the ones I use.

Spencer Pratt (01:06:39):

I had, it was called the Hum Daddy, and some punk … Everyone keeps sending me these videos of this guy on TikTok dressing up in costumes feeding hummingbirds called the Hum Daddy, I’m like, “First off, I’m Pratt Daddy, I sold a product called the Hum Daddy, you made your handle Hum Daddy, you just started feeding hummingbirds, making the hats like my mom made me four years ago,” and now everyone’s sending me these like, “You got to step up your game.” It’s like, no, I actually like feeding hummingbirds, I’m not doing this for views. When I was doing this, nobody watched it. I was doing it because it was like, oh, it wasn’t a thing. But yeah, one more person sends me that fraud, I may snap.

Adam Glyn (01:07:18):

So last [inaudible 01:07:20] before we get you out of here, we do a real quick speed round, and just a bunch of quick questions, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind, so it’s just a speed round. So I’ll start here. Spencer: the best restaurant in LA?

Spencer Pratt (01:07:37):

Don Antonio’s.

Dax Holt (01:07:39):

Okay. Most overhyped restaurant in LA.

Spencer Pratt (01:07:45):

That’s hard, there’s a lot of overhyped restaurants … I don’t know about that one. Because usually they’re pretty damn good if they got hype. It’s hard. People are food critic haters.

Dax Holt (01:08:02):

You wouldn’t even think like the Ivy? For me it’s the Ivy.

Spencer Pratt (01:08:05):

Oh, but that’s only hype for fame, like I never thought that was good food.

Dax Holt (01:08:09):

But that, again, hyped. It’s like, everyone wants-

Spencer Pratt (01:08:12):

Oh, well, oh [crosstalk 01:08:12]-

Dax Holt (01:08:12):

… to go to the Ivy, and the food’s not that good.

Spencer Pratt (01:08:14):

Oh, duh, no, I mean, that was to get paparazzi. I’d never eat there.

Adam Glyn (01:08:18):

And actually it’s funny, Don Antonio, I actually found out about the restaurant from you, and every time I’m in LA, I go to it, because, for you.

Spencer Pratt (01:08:26):

I’ve been going there since I was 13, it’s that good.

Adam Glyn (01:08:30):

Yeah. Place where you know you’ll always see a celeb in LA.

Spencer Pratt (01:08:34):


Dax Holt (01:08:34):

What is it?

Adam Glyn (01:08:34):


Dax Holt (01:08:34):

Air One?

Spencer Pratt (01:08:35):

Erewhon. It’s turned into that, Erewhon.

Dax Holt (01:08:42):

Okay. Who’s the biggest celebrity fan of yours that you ever met? I guess Taylor’s one. Do you have one that maybe we haven’t talked about?

Spencer Pratt (01:08:52):

I feel like John [Salley 01:08:57] [inaudible 01:08:57] pumped me up more than any famous person. He was my biggest, like, he was like, “You’re the real P. Diddy, you’re Diddy.” So John Salley pumped me up the most out of anybody I’ve ever interacted with.

Dax Holt (01:09:09):


Adam Glyn (01:09:10):

Best date place in LA.

Spencer Pratt (01:09:14):

Don Antonio’s. No, technically, Mastro’s Ocean Club, if you get one of the-

Dax Holt (01:09:18):

That’s a good one.

Spencer Pratt (01:09:19):

… by the window, with the waves breaking. Every time I go I’m like, “Dang, this is ridiculous.”

Dax Holt (01:09:25):

That’s a good one. Okay, let’s say your career trajectory wouldn’t have let you be a reality TV personality. What would you be doing right now?

Spencer Pratt (01:09:33):

Directing action films.

Dax Holt (01:09:36):


Spencer Pratt (01:09:37):

Like in Hollywood? Or I would’ve been-

Dax Holt (01:09:39):

Whatever, yeah, anywhere.

Spencer Pratt (01:09:40):

Oh, CIA. They just never, they never came. I was waiting for them at USC every day I’d be on campus, like, “I hear they tap you on the shoulder.” You’re looking around, I’m like, “Hello, Jason Bourne is waiting.” So it ends up, after having a best friend that is in Delta Force, and who’s been around a lot of CIA, it wasn’t meant for me. It’s not the action I thought it was.

Dax Holt (01:10:06):


Adam Glyn (01:10:07):

Worst celebrity encounter.

Spencer Pratt (01:10:10):

Oh, that list is … Ed Sheeran was surprising.

Dax Holt (01:10:14):


Spencer Pratt (01:10:15):

Yeah, I thought he’d be so nice, and he tried to have his bodyguards jump me at Nobu Malibu. Like, you’re at Nobu Malibu, outside, broad daylight, and you think I’m not going to try to Snapchat with you, bro, go back to England or Ireland or whatever you are. Get out of here. Those are the types of famous people I hate. Like you’re a millionaire, going to a public spot, broad daylight, and I’m being super positive, I even sang some of the lyrics of whatever song was popping, and you don’t be like, give me a thumbs-up, anything, and point to your bodyguard, try to get me. And then I was like, “What you going to do, bodyguard, can’t touch me.” The bodyguard thought I was funny though.

Dax Holt (01:10:59):

What is the most impressive celebrity house you’ve been into?

Spencer Pratt (01:11:04):

Celebrities letting me in their house, that’s funny. Oh, well it was David Foster’s, probably, for Princes of Malibu.

Dax Holt (01:11:14):


Spencer Pratt (01:11:14):

Now Larry Ellison owns it.

Adam Glyn (01:11:17):

When is the last time years old or Heidi has had contact with Lauren Conrad, LC?

Spencer Pratt (01:11:25):

There was a weird minute where Heidi and LC were texting when she thought our fake divorce was real, and was all excited, and was texting with Heidi, and was like, “No, we just sold that as a story, genius.” So that was funny. It was like 2010, I don’t know, I was literally sitting right there.

Dax Holt (01:11:45):

That’s funny, that’s hilarious.

Spencer Pratt (01:11:47):

She was like, “Come to Laguna, I told you,” it’s like, told you that we were going to be happily ever after and make a lot of money? Yeah, that was funny.

Dax Holt (01:11:57):

Oh, that’s good. What’s the one food that everyone’s into but you just can’t seem to get into?

Spencer Pratt (01:12:05):

Uni. Or, I feel like that’s the, everyone’s always posting uni, because it’s so expensive.

Adam Glyn (01:12:11):

[crosstalk 01:12:11]-

Spencer Pratt (01:12:11):

It’s sushi, Heidi even eats it, I’m like, “Sea urchin? I don’t know about that.”

Adam Glyn (01:12:14):

Okay. The best burrito in LA.

Spencer Pratt (01:12:18):

Well right now, the Pratt Daddy burrito, you can order it at Erewhon starting yesterday.

Adam Glyn (01:12:23):

I saw that.

Dax Holt (01:12:24):


Adam Glyn (01:12:24):

What is in this burrito?

Spencer Pratt (01:12:26):

It’s a breakfast burrito, it’s served until 11:00. Bacon, hash browns, eggs, cheese, avocado, and then it comes with the habanero hot sauce … Almost done, honey. And then it comes on the side with their Erewhon habanero hot sauce, which is is $20 just in a bottle, so that was, I had to negotiate for that one.

Adam Glyn (01:12:48):

Yeah, it’s a [inaudible 01:12:50] burrito. You’re getting your money’s worth, it’s a big burrito.

Spencer Pratt (01:12:52):

Oh, nah, because I need to lose weight, I’m trying to share it with Heidi now. I’m like, “Eat a few bites of this.”

Adam Glyn (01:12:59):

Last question, Dax.

Dax Holt (01:12:59):

All right, my last question for you. Yep. Would you consider doing a real MMA or boxing fight, just because that’s kind of the thing to do for people right now?

Spencer Pratt (01:13:08):

Well, no, because they don’t get paid. Oh my God, you see that? None of those guys got paid? I knew it, once I saw-

Dax Holt (01:13:15):

Why, why do it then? I think that’s the whole reason to do it.

Spencer Pratt (01:13:18):

No, upfront, five million, when I read that with Bryce, I was like, “That $5 million contract from Austin McBroom literally should’ve come with the cash,” if you’re going to go and train for months for that, talk about that. It took his momentum, it’s like what The Hills did to me. You better, if you … Like he was killing it, his game, and then it just became about fight, negativity, tough guy energy, when he was just a … And then it made him negative, because oh, he thinks he’s tough and hard, this kid. I still, and I never fell for it, but I felt bad, because I feel like he should’ve stuck to just doing Bryce stuff, not even attaching to that. So yeah, somebody comes with five million, I’m not going to name a manager, but a manager we all know just called me and he’s like, “Here, I got this all set up, da da da da da.” I’m like, “Great, how much upfront money?” He’s like, “Oh, well the upfront money’s this, but the backend, it’s all through social” … I go like, “No, I’m not going to promote something for four months to imaginary, maybe get some views,” da da da da da.

Spencer Pratt (01:14:29):

You come with real millions of dollars to … First off, I’m out of shape. I know how much trainers cost. To work out every day, to not drink, to not eat good food, all these things you’re taking out … I just said no to a reality show in Australia for a half a million dollars, upfront, not imaginary, because it would’ve taken my life away from me for eight weeks. I value my time more than half a million dollars. What am I going to spend that on right now, burritos? So I got to the point where I look at things on like, what’s worth my life? You want me to leave hummingbirds for … I don’t like to go to my parents’ beach house, Heidi wants to get away, because I’m like, “I don’t get to feed the hummingbirds for two days.”

Spencer Pratt (01:15:16):

So my priorities are very different. So long story short, yeah, I’ll do a lot of things you show up with $5 million cash, but nobody’s doing that. Like McGregor just supposedly, just walked out for two million, right? If Conor McGregor’s, obviously he gets real backend, but if Conor McGregor’s front end is, I could be wrong, but I heard two million. If he’s only getting two million upfront, nobody’s paying Spencer any of these imaginary numbers these guys all talk about.

Adam Glyn (01:15:45):


Dax Holt (01:15:45):


Spencer Pratt (01:15:45):

And those Logan Paul numbers were all made up, Jake Paul … All these are made up. Everyone’s just playing Spencer Lies, 2007.

Adam Glyn (01:15:54):


Dax Holt (01:15:54):

Hey, fake it until you make it, right?

Spencer Pratt (01:15:56):

But 2009, I think, when I was beating OJ, Casey Anthony, all these people, if this era had happened back then, on most hated, I think I could’ve got real $5 million to fight. So I think I missed a huge check. I should’ve organized that, I should be like, “Everyone hates me, which professional fighter do you want to,” do a voting thing, and got a UFC fighter, everyone picks the fighter, and then got in a cage and … I’ll never forget when MTV tried to set me up, they had that cage fighter reality show, with that guy that ended up-

Adam Glyn (01:16:29):

The Bully guy.

Spencer Pratt (01:16:29):

… getting 5150’d, yeah.

Adam Glyn (01:16:31):

Bully Beatdown, he was the MMA guy-

Spencer Pratt (01:16:31):

Yeah, went full nuts.

Adam Glyn (01:16:33):


Spencer Pratt (01:16:33):

And then I got a call from the president of MTV, Tony Sanders, like, “Hey, we got a great project for you.” I’m like, “Oh yeah, what is it Tony?” And he’s like, “I know you do jiu-jitsu,” I’m like, “Yeah?” And he’s like, “So we’re thinking it’d be great for the premier of the cage-fighting show,” it’s like, yeah, because wearing a kimono on nice little mats and doing techniques is a lot like getting punched in the face by a professional fighter for $15,000, no thank you, sir. What I should’ve done is got that idea and gone to like a Dana White and been like, “Yo, let’s do a spinoff, get all the hated famous people to get knocked out,” and then I would’ve taken a check.

Adam Glyn (01:17:12):

Listen, Spencer, we are your biggest fans. I thank you for being a good guy, I hope people know who you are, and you’re a business guy, you’re smart, you’re intelligent. And honestly, you’re kicking ass the crystals, make sure you check them out at prattdaddy.com. That’s P-R-A-T-T daddy.com, and make sure you follow him on all social media platforms, he’s one of my favorite follows. Honestly, he’s a great guy, and Spencer, I really appreciate coming on the podcast, man, you’re kicking ass.

Spencer Pratt (01:17:40):

Thank you.

Adam Glyn (01:17:40):

It’s an honor and a privilege, man, thank you so much.

Spencer Pratt (01:17:44):

Get ready. I’m about to try to be famous again, I’m going for 13 minutes this time, not going for 15. But I’m about to really go all in. The Hills just pissed me off, because they damaged my … I worked for 10 years to rebrand, and they’re trying to go backwards, they’re trying to make 2007 Spencer happen, which isn’t happening. So now I’m mad, so I’m like, “Oh, I’m about to get more famous than Viacom.” Like I’m literally, that’s my new goal, is to literally be more famous than a conglomerate. Like, “Oh, you were try to play me? Okay, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong play.”

Adam Glyn (01:18:20):

I love it.

Dax Holt (01:18:21):

Dude, we’re ready for it. We’re ready for it. Like Adam said, we love you, and again, we’ve been reporting on you for years and years and years, so it’s finally fun to actually get to sit and talk with you and kind of dig into your brain a little bit, it’s been a fun afternoon, fun … Probably one of my favorite interviews, honestly.

Spencer Pratt (01:18:38):

Well, thank you for having me, and thanks for buying all those photos at TMZ.

Dax Holt (01:18:43):

No problem, buddy

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“Entourage” Creator Doug Ellin – Even With Hit Show, It’s Hard to Get Another “Yes”

Creator of HBO’s massive hit show “Entourage”, Doug Ellin, stops by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about the possibility of a reboot and why it hasn’t happened yet. Ellin opens up about the success of the show and what it was like working with the world-famous cast.


O-Town: ‘Connecting With Fans Is Different This Time Around’

O-Town took a few minutes to stop by the ‘Hollywood Raw’ tent at Iowa’s Sweetstock music festival to chat with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn about their reunion, if they still chat with Ashley Parker Angel, and how different things are this second time around. Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, and Jacob Underwood tell us a little story about how Tony Robbins changed the entire trajectory of their career in one single meeting.


NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick Talks About His Wildest Fan Encounters

Legendary boybander Chris Kirkpatrick joins Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the ‘Hollywood Raw’ podcast to talk all about his days with *NSYNC, how he formed the band, the moment he knew they had officially made it, their wildest fan encounters.

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Ex RHONY Dorinda Medley – The Hardest Part About Writing A Book Was…

Former ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star Dorinda Medley stopped by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about her new book ‘Make It Nice’, what makes a project like this so stressful, and even got emotional when talking about the chapters that include the passing of her late husband Richard.


Legendary Music Exec Charlie Walk & His Epic Stories About The World’s Biggest Musicians

Former President of Republic Records and Epic Records, Charlie Walk, joins Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the Hollywood Raw podcast pull back the curtain on the music industry and let us in on how musicians really become stars.


Two LA Paparazzi Spill Their Juicy Celebrity Stories

‘The Paparazzi Podcast’ hosts Mark and Jedi stopped by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about their adventures as two of LA’s most successful paparazzi. Mark and Jedi opened up about how much money a camera guy can make in Los Angeles, and revealed a WILD interaction with Julia Roberts robbing one of them, and who is the nicest celebrity to the paps. This is a truly fascinating conversation with two guys who know the paparazzi world inside and out.


Rapper Too $hort Walked Out On His First Job, Wait Till You Hear Which Fast Food Joint It Was

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The Hollywood Fix Creator Fletcher Greene Back For Round Two

Fletcher Greene stopped back by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about life as a paparazzi in Los Angeles. The paparazo gives us his thoughts on the reality behind celebrity boxing, which celebs are awesome, and which social media star he thinks is going to last the test of time.

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Lindsey Pelas: Let Me Tell You Why Dating Dan Bilzerian Was Wild and Awesome

Internet super-celebrity Lindsey Pelas swung by the ‘Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn’ to talk about her road to fame, dating one of the world’s biggest playboys and her time on “The Hills”.

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Supermodel Jasmine Sanders Spends Her 30th Birthday With Us

Jasmine Sanders talks about how she landed her first modeling gig and some of the biggest names to drop into her DMs

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Nik Richie: “Shayne Lamas Blindsided Me With The Divorce”

Nik Richie talks about his very recent divorce announcement from Shayne Lamas and how he didn’t see it coming.

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Brandi Glanville Doesn’t Give AF, and We Love Every Second of It

Brandi Glanville reveals where she stands with Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, and Denise Richards, and what happened to her face last year.


Tom Arnold Gets Candid About Friendship With Schwarzenegger and The Roseanne Years

Tom Arnold gets candid about his life, including his high-profile divorce from comedian Roseanne and how that affected his career.

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Million Dollar Listing’s Tyler Whitman Gets into Reality Show Politics

Million Dollar Listing start Tyler Whitman reveals what happens on reality shows when the cameras stop rolling.

Reality Stars

Mark Cuban – What It’s Like for a Shark VS Entrepreneur on Shark Tank ft. TrophySmack founders

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban stopped by the Hollywood Raw podcast to talk about one of his newest businesses, TrophySmack.

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Audrina Patridge Takes Us Behind the Scenes of The Hills, What’s Real?

MTV ‘The Hills’ Star Audrina Patridge gives a backstage glimpse into the reality star life, and reveals which A-list actor she dated.

Reality Stars

Super Producer and Manager David Weintraub Pulls Back the Curtain on Hollywood

Producer and manager David Weintraub reveals which famous reality star owes him a lot of money and talks about new ventures.

Reality Stars

Dr. Drew: “Fame is 100% a Drug”

Dr. Drew Pinsky returns to talk about his years in front of the camera, working with teen moms, out-of-control addicts, and Adam Carolla.

Reality Stars

One of the World’s Most Successful Paparazzi: Jesal Parshotam

Royal photographer Jesal Parshotam explains how he’s been so successful landing huge exclusives and why other paparazzi fail.

Reality Stars

EXCLUSIVE: Dale Moss’ First Interview – Talks Current Status with Clare

The Bachelorette winner Dale Moss talks about his relationship with Clare Crawley. Are they engaged or not? Listen to his answer.

Social Media Stars

Amanda Cerny Talks Social Media Fame and Staying Relevant

Social media influencer Amanda Cerny reveals the secrets to her success and how she’s been able to stay relevant for years.

Social Media Stars

Controversial Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren on Dealing With Haters and Cancel Culture

Tomi Lahren talks about how she feels about being labeled a racist and sheds some light on how she deals with cancel culture.

Reality Stars

RHOD Star Kameron Westcott Tells Us What It’s Really Like Behind the Scenes

Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott talks about Brandi Redmond’s marriage and her snippy Twitter exchanges with D’Andra Simmons.


Jo Koy is So F**king Ready to Go on Tour Again

Comedian Jo Koy talks about going on tour again, his new book, and how tough this pandemic has been on his home life.

Reality Stars

“GG” Talks Shahs of Sunset, Motherhood and How Weed Has Changed Her Life

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi from Bravo’s Shahs reveals how weed helps her manage her pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.


WWE Superstar Big E Opens Up About His Wild Life and Huge Career

WWE Superstar Big E talks about his career, what it’s like traveling as a large man, and how he plans on changing the world of entertainment.


Adam Carolla – “Here’s What Pisses Me off About Today’s Society…”

Comedian Adam Carolla reveals his true feelings on Hollywood, the biggest name he has in his phone, and talks about his new book.


Jodie Sweetin Recounts One of The Most Embarrassing Moments of Her Life

Jodie Sweetin explains why she might be a Hollywood star, but she’s still like us: She clips coupons and goes to Target!

Reality Stars

Sarah Jakes Roberts – Growing Up With Bishop T.D. Jakes Wasn’t Always Easy

Sarah Jakes Roberts gets candid about her life as an unwed teenage mother and when she hit rock bottom destroying her boyfriend’s car.


Pauly Shore’s Mom Never Said “I Love You” For A Reason

Pauly Shore gets candid on his relationship with his mother and the reason she never told him she loved him.


Chris Jericho Gets Candid on The Belt Mystery & Who’s The Most Underrated Wrestler, and Bigfoot

Chris Jericho reveals who he believes is the most underrated wrestler, who is the smelliest, and which wrester can handle the most booze.

Reality Stars

Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Talks Who She’d Choose if She Could Do It All Over Again

Andi Dorfman reveals her true feelings about Josh Murray and who she would pick if she had to do the show again.


Larry King: Our Final Interview With the TV Legend

Our last interview with talk show legend Larry King. Originally recorded in summer 2020, he talked about a little of everything.

Reality Stars

Tony Robbins: The Interview Everyone Should Listen To

Tony Robbins talks about what trait the world’s most successful people all have in common, and how he keeps his mind and body fit.

Reality Stars

Ross Matthews: What It’s REALLY Like Inside The Kardashian Chrismas Party

TV personality Ross Matthews talks about some of his most famous celebrity encounters and the show he’d never do again.


2020 – The Year of Hollywood Raw – Recapping our Biggest and Best Moments

Dax Holt and Adam Glyn take a look back at some of the interviews that made the biggest noise and the quotes that had the world talking.

Reality Stars

Chris Hansen – How ‘To Catch a Predator’ Made Him The Most Feared Man in the Room

Chris Hansen recounts some of his biggest career moments and admits that not exposing Jeffery Epstein was his biggest mistake.

Reality Stars

Harry Jowsey Clears Up Rumors of His Involvement with Julia Rose and Jake Paul’s Split

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Harry Jowsey visits to explain what happened with Julia Rose and why private videos of the two surfaced on IG.

Social Media Stars

Julia Rose – Social Media Star, World Series Flasher & Jake Paul’s Girlfriend

Julia Rose talks about her life, her relationship with Jake Paul, and what really happened with Harry Jowsey.


Michael Yo: ‘Katy Perry Ripped The Biggest Fart Next to Me’

Michael Yo about some of the most memorable encounters he had with celebrities during his years as an entertainment reporter.

Social Media Stars

Founder of DEUXMOI Chats Blind Items and Instagram Success

DEUXMOI, the creator of the guiltiest Instagram pleasure, discusses how she started it and why it’s been so successful.

Social Media Stars

A-List Celebrity Bodyguard Simon Newton Dishes on Michael Jackson, Bella Hadid, and Naomi Campbell

Bodyguard to Hollywood Elite, Simon Newton, reveals what it was like working with stars like Michael Jackson and Bella Hadid.

Social Media Stars

Why Fleetwood Mac Needs to Play Nathan Apodaca’s Wedding

Viral TikTok star Nathan Apodaca talks about his out-of-control social media success and why he wants Fleetwood Mac to play his wedding.

Reality Stars

Larsa Pippen Gets Candid About the Kardashians

Larsa Pippen reveals all about her current relationship with Kim Kardashian and dating Tristen Thompson before Khloe Kardashian.

Social Media Stars

Bryce Hall Responds to the Addison Rae Fake Relationship Rumors

Bryce Hall talks about his current projects and whether or not his relationship with social media megastar Addison Rae is real or fake.

Reality Stars

Kenny Santucci – You Won’t Believe What Landed Him on MTV

Kenny Santucci reminisces about how the girl he was seeing convinced him to go to an MTV casting call and how that changed his life.

Social Media Stars

The LadyGang’s Keltie Knight Names the One Celeb She Would Avoid in a Dark Alley

ET’s Keltie Knight talks famous celeb encounters, what it’s like to work on the red carpet and how she ruined red carpets for everyone.

Social Media Stars

Entertainment Journalist Ali Puliti Chats About Some of Her Craziest Assignments Over the Years

Former US Weekly reporter Ali Puliti talks about the stories she broke over her career and living it up in Anguilla to follow an A-lister.


Ally Brooke Gets Candid on 5th Harmony, Virginity and The Perils of The Music Industry

Former 5th Harmony singer Ally Brooke reveals why she’s waiting for marriage before having sex — and she’s proud of it!

Reality Stars

Bachelor Nation Favorite Corinne Olympios Gets Candid About The Reality Business

Corinne Olympios chats about ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and reveals who she felt betrayed her during the ‘BiP’ scandal.

Reality Stars

​Harry Jowsey – Enough About Francesca, I’m Ready to Be the Next Bachelor!

Will Harry Jowsey be the next Bachelor star? The Too Hot to Handle star talks about that and Justin Bieber in his DMs.

Reality Stars

Sheeraz Hasan – The Mastermind Behind Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Zendaya

Hollywood rainmaker Sheeraz Hasan reveals how he’s manufactured the success of some of the most famous celebs, including Kim Kardashian.

Reality Stars

Bachelorette OG Trista Sutter on How They Spent Their Million Dollars

Trista Sutter was ABC’s original Bachelorette who walked away with her dream man and have stood the test of time.

Social Media Stars

A Peek Inside ‘The Hollywood Fix’ with Founder Fletcher Greene

The Hollywood Fix creator, Fletcher Greene, chats about the very popular YouTube page and why he thinks David Beckham is the worst celebrity.

Reality Stars

Kelly Osbourne On Weight Loss, Surgery and Being the Happiest She’s Ever Been

Kelly Osbourne speaks candidly for the first time about her new figure and how weight loss has made her resent Hollywood.

Reality Stars

Pop Culture Expert Ben Widdicombe Reveals The Wildest Stories He Ever Broke

Columnist and gossip guru Ben Widdicombe reveals some of the biggest stories he ever broke and the challenges he faced to do so.


Brian Austin Green Gets Candid About His Love Life, Being a Tabloid Target and Sets the Record Straight on a Few Rumors

Brian Austin Green opens up about how hurt he is from his split from Megan Fox, and what’s going on with Courtney Stodden and Tina Louise.

Reality Stars

MTV Reality OG Mark Long Pushing to Reunite Our Favorite Competitors of All Time

Former Road Rules star Mark Long has been a staple on MTV, and now he wants to get the whole hang back together.


M​ark McGrath Divulges Perks of the Sugar Ray Rider and How Much He Still Makes off All Those Hit Songs

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath opened up about the wildest parties he was invited to and hanging out with Madonna.

Reality Stars

EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Doute Opens Up About What She’s Learned, Unconscious Bias and Getting Cut from Vanderpump Rules

Kristen Doute discusses what life is like since Bravo abruptly ended her contract and where her relationship stands with Lisa Vanderpump.

Reality Stars

RHONY’s Leah McSweeney Chats Ramona Drama and Dating in NYC

Bravo’s newest Real Housewife of New York, Leah McSweeney, discusses her debut season and why fans are going crazy for the blonde socialite.


Dean Cain Talks Superman and Growing up with Charlie Sheen

Dean Cain reminisces about his days as Superman on the hit TV show ‘Lois and Clark’ and what doors opened because of it.

Reality Stars

Legendary Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Talks Contests, Prepping, and Colonics

The world’s #1 competitive eater Joey Chestnut talks about how much goes into prepping for the world-famous Nathan’s Fourth of July contest.


‘The Office’ star Kate Flannery Joins Us to Talk “Meredith”

Kate Flannery, who played Meredith on ‘The Office,’ walked us down memory lane on how she landed her role and her wildest fan encounters.

Reality Stars

Brielle Biermann Talks About The Harsh Reality of Growing up on Bravo

Real Housewife Kim Zolciak Biermann’s daughter Brielle Biermann chats about her far-from-ordinary childhood.

Reality Stars

The Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson Wants to Fight Fellow Alumn Tyler Cameron

Chad Johnson talks all about his time on The Bachelorette, the newest Bachelor, and what really goes down behind the scenes.


Comedian Bill Engvall Talks Potential COVID-Induced Retirement

‘Blue Collar Comedy’ standup comedian Bill Engvall talks about his comedy start and about how COVID-19 has affected his career.

Reality Stars

Extra TV Co-Host Jenn Lahmers Talks Awkward Interview and Fan Foot Fetishes

Extra TV co-host Jenn Lahmers reveals how many feet photo requests she receives and how a fan actually offered her 20k for a pic of her toes.


Larry King: Our Final Interview With the TV Legend

Legendary interviewer Larry King joined the ‘Hollywood Raw’ podcast to talk about his newest adventure into the podcasting world.

Social Media Stars

AGT x2 Winner Shin Lim Stops By to Talk Magic and Vegas

America’s Got Talent winner, Shin Lim, joins Hollywood Raw to talk about his residency at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Social Media Stars

If You Don’t Know YouTuber Mike Majlak, Then You’re Behind

Mike Majlak talks about his journey to sobriety and the Amazon #1 best selling book that was spawned from the details of his life.

Reality Stars

The Secrets Behind MediaTakeOut’s Massive Success – Founder Fred Mwangaguhunga Joins Us

MTO’s Editor-in-Chief Fred Mwangaguhunga talks about starting up the extremely popular gossip site and what fuels his ambition.

Reality Stars

Kanye West & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Former Bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, Dishes About Working for the Mega Stars

Former Chippendales Dancer and bodyguard to Kanye West, Steve Stanulis, dishes on working with West and other big name stars.


Maitland Ward – ‘Coronavirus Is Actually Helping Out My Career’

Former ‘Boy Meets World’ actress turned adult film star, Maitland Ward, explains how she landed her role and her career shift.

Reality Stars

Carl Radke from Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ talks Girls, Booze and Parties

Bravo’s Summer House star, Carl Radke, talks about landing the show, which major company fired him, and his break from boozing.


Aaron Carter Opens up About His Family, Struggles with Love, and Fatherhood

Aaron Carter opens up about his family drama, where he currently stands with his famous brother Nick Carter, and his struggles to find love.

Reality Stars

Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Talks ‘Tiger King’ and Marriage

Joe Exotic’s third husband, Dillon Passage, dishes. on filming the show, what Joe is really like, and how Exotic is doing in jail.

Reality Stars

Sunny Leone – Speaks on Bollywood Paparazzi and Navigating Life in India

Sunny discusses her successful transition, what exactly Bollywood is, her makeup empire, and the challenges that come with living in India.


Comedian Heather McDonald Wins BIG in Court, But Struggles With The Collateral Damage

The ‘Chelsea Lately’ writer and star stopped by to chat about what it was like behind the scenes of the hit E! series.

Reality Stars

‘Too Hot to Handle’ Star Bryce Hirschberg Gets Candid About The Netflix Hit Show

Boat party boy Bryce Hirschberg stopped by to talk all about his time filming the newly released Netflix show, ‘Too Hot to Handle’.

Reality Stars

‘Tiger King’ star John Finlay talks Joe Exotic Marriage, His Teeth, and New Fame

John Finlay from ‘Tiger King’ explains what the truth is behind his marriage to Joe, the zoo, and what his love life is like these days.


Dean McDermott – Life with Tori Spelling and the Battle with Paparazzi and Nasty Press

Actor and comedian Dean McDermott dishes on negative energy coming his way since he began dating Tori Spelling back in 2005.


Melissa Rivers – Talks Joan Rivers, Wild Red Carpet Moments and Dating as a Celebrity

Melissa Rivers takes us down memory lane growing up with a mother like Joan and reminisces about their red carpet shenanigans.


Actor Simon Rex Talks Friendship with Paris Hilton and Hollywood’s Party Hayday

‘Scary Movie’ star, Simon Rex, dishes on friendship with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and an unknown Kim Kardashian.

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