Host Andy Cohen Reveals Major ‘RHOSLC’ Plot Twist about the Cast

A major bombshell is about to be dropped regarding “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” cast!

After the cast filmed the season 2 reunion, host Andy Cohen revealed a jaw-dropping plot twist prior to the taping of the show.

According to Page Six, Cohen said on his radio show, “The women saw the remaining six or seven episodes before the reunion, and there’s something coming up that is jaw-dropping that no one knows about that will rock the foundation of two of the ‘Housewives.'”

He asked the cast members to watch the remainder of the season before filming the reunion in order to discuss everything that occurred.

“When you see this play out and you realize that this was shown to the women the day before they shot the reunion and then they had to deal with it at the reunion, you will be quite engaged,” Cohen revealed.

Among the beautiful backdrop of Zion National Park, the drama will begin to unfold in the remaining five or six episodes left in the season.

Cohen said that cast member Mary M. Cosby was absent at the reunion, and he found it disappointing that she missed the taping of the show.

He alluded to the fact that Cosby “didn’t find gratitude in being on the show” anymore. But by not showing up to the reunion, Cosby couldn’t share her side of the story with the other cast members.

“This is what I dislike about people not showing up to the reunion—you allow the others to control your narrative as your last gesture. I’d much rather hear from her, and the truth of the matter is, she was a huge part of the success of this show,” said Cohen.

Viewers can watch “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo via Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

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