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Anna Marie Tendler Clarifies Photo Depicting IVF Injection

Anna Marie Tendler, John Mulaney’s ex-wife, has made a statement clarifying an Instagram photo she shared of a woman giving herself what appears to be an IVF hormone injection.

Tendler wrote on her Instagram story, “I would like to clear up a common misnomer about my work—This is not a photo diary.”

She explained, “I am never commenting on any one thing. I am rarely posting photos chronologically. I am a fine artist. There are stand alone works that speak to the female experience at large.”

“My life has been filled with a million experiences that are mined to create a body of work that is about something bigger than me,” the artist continued.

Tendler shared this message just hours after she posted what followers initially thought to be a picture of the artist administering an IVF shot on herself. The caption read, “Eggs, Over Easy.”

Mulaney filed for divorce from Tendler over the summer, after six years of marriage. Since then, the comedian has had a son, Malcom, with his girlfriend Olivia Munn.

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage,” Tendler said at the time. “I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

The couple’s divorce was finalized in January. The hairstylist opened up about her fertility journey to Harper’s Bazaar that same month.

“There were things I never even thought about before because that was just a closed door,” Tendler shared. “So now that it feels like not as much of a closed door, it’s something that I ruminate on a lot. I feel lucky that I get to be standing on the precipice of all of these new things, that I get to possibly experience, and who knows how they will go? And there is certainly something exciting about that.”

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