Avril Lavigne at Shanghai concert in 2014

Avril Lavigne Drops Seventh Studio Album “Love Sux” with DTA Records

Singer Avril Lavigne has released a brand new studio album entitled Love Sux.

The 37 year old announced the release Thursday evening on Twitter with a post that read “Knock knock. Who’s there? Love. Love who? LOVE SUX B****ES 🎤” accompanied by a gif from a past music video of Lavigne banging on a door.

Lavigne’s new album consists of 12 tracks, which feature song writing by her boyfriend, Mod Sun, as well as musical appearances by Blackbear and Machine Gun Kelly. The album was produced by Travis Barker’s brand new label, DTA Records.

The “Complicated” singer’s last album, Head Above Water, was released with record label Elektra Records in 2019.

People previously reported in November 2021 on the first sneak peak of the Love Sux track “Bite Me,” which features Barker’s drumming. Lavigne posted the song preview in a TikTok.

Lavigne had also announced the song’s imminent release on Instagram with a photo of her posing next to a heart cake captioned “Are you ready to ‘BITE ME’ ? My new song, November 10th.”

More recently, the singer promoted the release of the entire Love Sux album with an Instagram post featuring herself, Barker, and Blackbear giving the camera the middle finger. The caption read “ONE WEEK UNTIL MY NEW ALBUM ‘LOVE SUX’ !!!!!! Who’s ready ?!”

Lavigne and Barker also posted a photo celebrating the signing of her contract with DTA Records in 2021 the week before “Bite Me” was released. Both artists had cake smashed on their faces, and the photo featured metallic balloons in the background.

Photo via ChinaImages/Deposit Photos

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