Next Step For Bennifer? Ben Affleck Spotted Browsing Engagement Rings

Things seem to be moving quickly between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

On Monday Affleck was spotted with his mom and son browsing engagement rings at Tiffany’s in Century City, CA.

This comes off the heels of a wild year for the pair so far. J-Lo started 2020 engaged to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez before calling things off due to “trust issues” in March before linking up with her actor boyfriend just a month later.

For Affleck, he started the year with an infamous Raya encounter before rekindling his relationship with Lopez. The couple first tried to avoid the limelight by retreating to Montana for a romantic getaway.

Now with Bennifer fully out there, it seems like the next step of the relationship could be coming soon. Affleck and Lopez were close to getting married in 2004. But found balancing their fame and relationship nearly impossible. Even going so far as to consider using decoy brides to keep the press confused so they could have a peaceful ceremony. The two decided it shouldn’t be that hard and decided to call off their engagement.

Now it is looking like history could repeat itself and Lopez could be getting engaged for a sixth time, having already been married three times!

This time around could be different for the power couple though, as they have almost been inseparable since news of their relationship broke. The pair each have families of their own this time as well, with both of them trying to bring their kids along for the relationship as much as they can.

Considering an engagement ring is already in the picture it seems the couple is eager to pick up where they left off nearly two decades ago.

Photo via PopularImages/Deposit Photos

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