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Beyoncé new Ivy Park Collection “Halls of Ivy” Has Dropped

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to deck the halls. Earlier this week, Beyoncé and Adidas announced the release of their newest collaboration.

The newest Ivy Park x Adidas collection is appropriately named “Halls of Ivy.” The exclusive collection will be launched for 24 hours on Adidas’s website starting on Dec. 9 before being released globally on Dec. 10.

This is Beyoncé’s 5th collaboration with Adidas. The goal behind the collection is to be a united collection of clothes that can bring people together regardless of their background. No matter if you a huge Beyoncé fan or love wearing Adidas, there is something for everyone.

The collection has over 80 apparel items with prices ranging between $30 to $600. Men, women, children, and gender-neutral apparel will be available along with accessories and shoes.

The collection features a recognizable monochromatic green color scheme along with neutral black and white pieces that will be available for purchase. The collection screams “holidays” with the dark colors and classic houndstooth print on many of the available pieces. The classic three-stripes and timeless patterns add a sophisticated look to the collection.

To promote the collection, Beyoncé starred in a teaser video that was posted to Instagram.

The video not only stars the queen herself but other well-known celebrities’ children such as Reese Witherspoon’s children and Kobe Bryant’s daughter. The iconic teaser also caught people’s attention with Blue Ivy and Rumi Carter starring in the video that showcased the kid’s collection that is also being released.

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