Bethenny Frankel at a public appearance for National Hammock Day

Bethenny Frankel Returns to Reality TV with The Big Shot with Bethenny

The former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is making her return back to reality television.

The Big Shot with Bethenny is a new competition reality series that focuses on her search for a young professional to become the new vice president of operations at her cocktail brand, Skinnygirl.

Frankel said that she lucked out for filming the show in the pandemic because many people were struggling to find new employment opportunities.

“It really matters how you set yourself apart and that you have the tools and the takeaway to be nimble and versatile in the workplace. So to go through this authentic job interview process, that was as valuable for me, because I need to find people that can really do what I need vs. just hiring the first people I meet,” she said, according to Us magazine.

Nothing is off-limits on the reality series. Viewers will be able to see parts of Frankel’s inner circle and it will show many aspects of her life.

“You see everything – you see my personal life and my business life – but there always has to one sort of thing that it’s focusing around and this focuses on this job,” Frankel continued.

She teamed up with producer Mark Burnett from Survivor and MGM studios to create the show.

According to the New York Times, Frankel said, “I can let two people go. Hire everybody. Fire everybody. I can do whatever I want,” on the premiere episode.

Find out who will be the right person to help run the Skinnygirl empire when the show premieres on HBO Max on April 29.

Photo via Everett 225/Deposit Photos

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