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Former Bachelor Contestant Thinks the Franchise Will End After Fall Season

Bachelorette Alum Blake Hortsmann thinks that the end of the Bachelor Franchise is nearer than we think!

During a Q&A session on his Instagram Story, a fan asked him if the Bachelor will “last forever.”

In a swift response, he stated ” I mean no because nothing last forever.” He continued, “But also bold statement here, hot take, I think there won’t be another Bachelor season. I think it’s going to end after Michelle [Young].”

During the Matt James After the Final Rose Special, it was announced that Katie Thurston take on the role for the summer and Michelle Young is going to have her turn in the fall.

Hortsmann doesn’t just stop is his reasoning there. He mentioned that without long-time host Chris Harrison returning, the show is going to hurt. “Whether you think it’s right, wrong, whatever your stance on the Chris Harrison thing, I think it drove away a lot of loyal fans and viewers,” he explained. “And I think ratings are gonna plummet, and that’s my prediction.”

Chris Harrison announced last month that he was going to step back from his hosting duties on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette after his comments he said in an interview with Bachelorette Alum, Rachel Lindsey.

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