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Britney’s Lawyer Requests Father’s “Immediate Removal” as Conservator

Coming as the latest update in the ongoing Britney Spears conservatorship case, her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, is requesting that her father Jamie be “immediately” removed as the conservator of her estate. This comes just over a month after a judge denied removing her father from his controversial conservatorship role.

This news of this court filing came Thursday, at which time Peopleobtained an additional court filing from Spears’ personal conservator Jodi Montgomery, who “unequivocally” supports Rosengart’s request.

The filing reads, in part, as follows: “Conservatee moves for the immediate suspension of James P. Spears as Conservator and the appointment of Jason Rubin as Temporary Conservator pending the hearing presently set for September 29, 2021.”

“Although a two-month wait for a hearing on the Petition may not seem significant in the context of 13 years, Ms. Spears should not be forced to continue to feel traumatized, lose sleep, and suffer further. Every day matters.”

A source close to the case has indicated that Britney is hoping that Rubin will act as her future estate conservator. It has been reported that even Britney herself doesn’t want to completely get rid of her conservatorship, but reassess the person in charge of her life decisions.

He’s not just a regular CPA,” explained the source, “but a forensic investigator CPA.”

“Basically he’s going to go back and look at all of the expenses and money that has been spent over the years,” the source clarified. “Britney’s determined to find out if her funds have been misused.”

The filing, which seeks to remove Britney’s father as quickly as possible, also commented on his apparent interests in the case, reading “If Mr. Spears truly had the best interests of his daughter in mind, consistent with his obligation as a fiduciary to elevate her interests above his own, he would resign, today.

At this time, Jamie Spears’ legal team has declined to comment.

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