Britney Spears on the red carpet at the billboard music awards

Britney Spears Won’t Have the Final Say on Her Conservatorship

The hearing that will decide whether Britney Spears’ father Jamie will retain his role co-conservator of her estate and finances is almost here. Earlier this year, Jamie stepped down from being his daughter’s personal conservator at her request, but Britney has made it clear that she wants his authority over her to be revoked entirely.

The singer-songwriter is currently refusing to perform until the conservatorship, which has lasted 13 years, has ended. She’s also said she won’t return to the studio to record new music until that time, either.

According to TMZ, sources close to spears claim that Britney was placed under the conservatorship initially for medical reasons. Therefore, it’s speculated that a team of doctors would need to sign off before she could request that it be ended entirely, regardless of the court’s decision.

These doctors would evaluate whether Spears is capable of safely caring for herself and her dependents. If they conclude this is the case, and if Britney requests to be free of her conservatorship entirely, this would mark the first time in over a decade during which she would have full control over certain personal and financial decisions.

Given Britney’s current life circumstances, including her steady relationship with boyfriend Sam Asghari, fans seem under the impression that getting out of the conservatorship is the next logical step for her.

The “#freebritney” hashtag and the website of the same name ( are both outlets through which fans have demanded Spears be freed from the conservatorship.

The latest hearing on Spears’ conservatorship will be Wednesday afternoon.

Photo via kobbydagan/DepositPhotos

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