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Cardi B Wins $4 Million in a Libel Suit Against Celebrity Blogger

Cardi B had a big win this week in court against a celebrity gossip blogger who spread lies about her in 2018.

The celebrity gossiper, Tasha K, posted a series of more than 20 videos slamming Cardi B. In the videos, Tasha K claims that the rapper was a prostitute and had contracted sexually transmitted diseases, even going so far as to claim Cardi B had herpes and that her child would be disabled. These are among many other accusations that were made before Cardi B formally sued in 2019.

Now a jury in a U.S. District Court in Georgia has sided with the star. Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, took home $1.25 million on Monday and another $2.8 million on Tuesday after two separate verdicts related to the defamation case. Cardi B also won $25,000 for medical expenses and another $1.3 million to cover legal fees.

The rapper said in court that she “felt extremely suicidal” after seeing what Tasha K had written in 2018 and argued that these attacks impacted her reputation with fans, going so far as to affect her business prospects.

Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, found fame online by posting outlandish celebrity gossip news and takes and likely decided to target Cardi B specifically because those were the videos that had the most views at the time, according to Cardi B’s attorneys.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kebe’s team expressed their frustration with the decisions. They plan to appeal the verdicts.

This isn’t the first time the “WAP” singer has appeared in court since becoming an international star. In 2019, she was indicted in connection to a fight in a strip club, with multiple charges including felony attempted assault. That investigation is still ongoing.

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