James Corden at the premiere of the Emoji movie

Cinderella Flash Mob Stops Los Angeles Traffic

The cast of the new Cinderella movie took to the Los Angeles streets to promote their upcoming release. Dressed in costumes, including a princess, mouse, fairy godparent, and other characters, the actors created a flashmob at a traffic intersection.

The original video was posted to Twitter by a LA driver and has now been viewed over 18 million times.

Celebrities Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, and James Corden are all seen in the video. They stopped traffic to sing and dance along to a cover of the Jennifer Lopez hit song, “Let’s Get Loud.” The cast not only caught the attention of the drivers but of users all across Twitter. The video has now turned into a meme critiquing celebrity culture and James Corden, who can be seen hip-thrusting near the driver’s window.

The video is captioned, “LMFAO CAMILA IS SO PRETTY” and was followed by a second tweet that said, “Camila Cabello sang to us this is the peak of life.”

While the driver was forced to stop for the mob, they seemed to enjoy the distraction. However, the cast is currently being blasted across social media.

Some users took to Twitter to joke about the situation.

“This is the Delta Variant of the ‘Imagine’ video,” one user tweeted.

A second user responded to this tweet saying, “I am officially scarred by James Corden doing hip thrusts. I will never be able to listen to this song the same way ever again.”

Another user joined the banter and said, “America, you’re welcome to keep Corden. Yours, Great Britain.”

Still, others called the cast out for their actions.

“It would have been great if you didn’t block traffic to promote your movies,” a different user tweeted. “Some people aren’t privileged and lucky enough to get fame and money and have to go to work to make ends meet.”

Cinderella will be released to Amazon Prime on September 3.

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