Chris Harrison at the Unbridled Eve Derby Prelude Party Los Angeles at the Avalon on January 5, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

Chris Harrison is Not Ready to Retire after Exiting The Bachelor

Chris Harrison, the long-time former host of the Bachelor franchise, is not planning on leaving show business yet.

A source revealed to US Weekly that “Chris Harrison is truly doing great. He’s really enjoying this time with his kids and growing his relationship with Lauren Zima. He lives a low-key life in Texas when he’s not taking trips or going on vacation.”

The source added, “He’s soaking in these moments of not working and taking time for himself and his family. He celebrated his 50th birthday last month and recently celebrated his anniversary with Lauren. He sees this time as almost a new chapter of his life and is figuring out what’s going to be his next best move.”

The longtime host announced that he would be stepping back from his hosting duties after defending the Bachelor contestant Rachel Kirkconnell, who was thrown into the spotlight for previous behavior and social media posts.

In February, Harrison released an apology on his Instagram account for “excusing historical racism” when it came to Rachel Kirkconnel. He went on to say that he appreciates the help on his “path to anti-racism.”

It was later confirmed that the host would not be returning to the long-running franchise after reaching a $25 million payout with ABC.

Although Harrison is no longer hosting the franchise, it has been reported that he’s not holding on to any bitterness for the future, even though he’s implied that he doesn’t watch the show anymore.

“He still keeps in touch with some crew and former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members,” revealed the source. “Everyone who was close to him on the show really misses him and wishes he was still part of the show.”

The source also added that “he reads messages from fans and posts on social media. Although he’s not the host anymore, he still loves Bachelor Nation and isn’t one to hold any grudges, especially [with] the fans, after what went down.”

Even though he is enjoying some much-needed quiet time, the break is only temporary.

The source explains, “He’s for sure going to make a comeback in the near future and will announce his return to TV once everything is set in stone. He’s not ready to retire just yet.”

Photo via Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

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