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Bachelorette Clare Crawly Has Her Breast Implants Removed

After letting fans know that she would be undergoing breast explant surgery, former Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, has had her breast implants successfully removed.

In an Instagram update on Saturday, the reality TV star shared that she’s recovering and grateful to be able to “heal from BII (Breast Implant Illness).”

She posted a photo of herself in a surgical gown with the caption, “Surgery is officially done + I am on the road to healing!”

Crawley also gave a shoutout to her doctor and his team for their help throughout the entire process.

On her Instagram stories over the weekend, Crawley mentioned that her friends and family helped “give me a boost when my brain has slipped into moments of doubt” surrounding the surgery. She also wanted to share a message that, “our body shape does not define us or make us any less lovable or worthy. We are perfectly made just the way we are!”

In July, Crawley shared that she’d been experiencing symptoms related to the implants, including rashes all over her body, swollen glands, a high white blood cell count, and a large pocket of fluid behind one of the implants.

Crawley said this summer that her boyfriend, Dale Moss, who she’s been on and off with since their engagement on the Bachelorette, was supportive of the decision.

Moss was previously under fire for cheating allegations, but he and Crawley have since worked things out and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

“I was talking to Dale the other day, and he said, ‘Your boobs are not what make you beautiful.’ And it’s the truth. For so long, I believed that’s what it would take,” Crawley shared. “To me, this is the ultimate love story, is loving your body enough to know this is not what makes me beautiful. My health and happiness is what matters.”

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