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Colin Farrell Is Seeking Conservatorship For Son James

Irish Actor Collin Farrell and his ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave filed for conservatorship for their 17-year-old son James on Monday.

James has Angelman Syndrome, a genetic condition that can cause a severe learning disability and neurological issues. Farrell’s potential conservatorship would allow him and Bordenave to retain legal control over making financial, medical, and certain personal decisions for their son.

As co-conservators, Farrell and Bordenave would be better able to continue their roles as caregivers for James, who turns 18 on September 12. According to Farrell’s legal team, as reported by E! Online, “[James] is nonverbal and has issues with his fine motor skills, making him unable to properly care for his own physical health and well-being and requiring him to need assistance in preparing food, eating, bathing, and clothing himself.”

A statement from Lilianna Sloninsky, his long-term doctor, says it will be hard for James to attend the hearing for his conservatorship, as his Angelman Syndrome has led to “delayed development, intellectual disability, severe impairment and problem[s] with movement and balance. James is non-verbal, gets very anxious and losses [sic] his focus easily.”

Last year, Farrell spoke about his experience as James’ father at the Global Summit and Mini-Gala for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST), where he described watching James’ first steps.

“I’ll never forget them. A child taking their first steps is always such a profound experience. […] Tears can flow, and it’s such a huge kind of profound moment in the development of a child’s parents.”

The Lobster actor’s court hearing is scheduled for September 27.

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