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90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Threatens to Sue Jenelle Evans

90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg and Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ falling out has escalated to the point where Clegg is threatening legal action. The pair had previously planned to launch a podcast called Girl S–t alongside TikToker Gabbie Egan, but things went south after taping the first few episodes, according to In Touch Weekly.

Now, in the wake of the botched podcast project, Clegg is accusing Evans of cyberstalking and defamation.

In a statement given to In Touch, the creator of the podcast, Chris McNelly, said the following: “Although we were very excited about and spent months planning this project, it became evident very quickly that personality conflicts were going to prevent it from being a success. At this point, we have not been notified of any legal action against our company. We have no involvement in the on-going personal conflict between Deavan and Jenelle, nor do we wish to. And we believe it best that everyone just move on.”

The tumultuous relationship between the reality stars reached a breaking point when Evans posted a 44-minute long YouTube video explaining her perspective on the situation. In the video, Evans implies that Clegg may have stolen some of her prescription medication, saying that it went missing after a pair spent a weekend together.

Clegg strongly refuted this accusation and has cited it as one of her primary reasons for pursuing legal action against Evans, according to TMZ.

According to Clegg’s publicist, she “feels attacked and plans to hold everyone legally accountable.”

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