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Dell Curry Shares Cheating Allegations Against Wife Sonya

Former pro basketball player Dell Curry, father to Steph Curry, has come out to accuse his estranged wife Sonya of being unfaithful.

The retired sports star claims his wife cheated with a former New England Patriots tight end: Steven Johnson. Curry also alleged that she went on to lie about the affair when confronted.

The allegations are laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, in which the following statement can be found:

“[Sonya] began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage and prior to the date of separation, and she lied to [Dell] each time she cheated on him.”

Interestingly, Sonya has shared similar allegations, citing “marital misconduct” as the reason for filing in the pair’s divorce papers.

The divorce marks the end of a 33-year marriage, during which Sonya claims Dell cheated multiple times—particularly during the 16 years he played for the NBA. She went so far as to call Dell’s infidelity an “open secret” between close family and friends.

Although she denies allegations of unfaithfulness on her part, Sonya does admit to having started dating someone else following her split with Dell. However, she says this relationship began “months after” their legal separation in March.

Sonya also notes that she is not living with Johnson, but on her own—as she says Dell refuses to allow her to live in their shared home.

In a joint public statement, the pair said the following on their divorce:

“After exploring a trial separation over the past year and much thoughtful consideration, we have decided to end our marriage. As this comes with a great deal of sadness, our focus and desire is for our family’s continued happiness. We are so thankful for all the many blessings and successes! We stay committed to and supportive of our children and grandchildren and will remain on connected paths. We ask that our privacy be respected and prayer for our family as we move forward.”

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