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Drew Barrymore Left Traumatized After Her First Pregnancy Leaked

Drew Barrymore opened up about how the media’s intrusion during her first pregnancy affected her on a recent episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

In the episode, Barrymore told political staffer Huma Abedin that she wasn’t able to reveal her pregnancy when she was ready and that everyone knew almost as soon as she did.

“I was walking out of my OB/GYN and I had just found out I was pregnant,” the actress explained. “I walked out of her office and someone I work with, Chris Miller, got all these calls, ‘We know she’s pregnant. We’re breaking the story.'”

Initially, Barrymore and her team were prepared to say that her pregnancy was a rumor, but then she found out that a photo had been taken of her leaving the doctor’s office. Barrymore explains, “I was stupid enough to carry the sonogram in my hand out with me.”

So shortly after Barrymore left the appointment where she found out she’d be a mother, so did the world. “I was depressed or saddened, kind of, that I didn’t get to have that be a private thing, a moment, or just to wrap my head around it,” Barrymore recalls.

Abedin, who has a similar experience of her pregnancy being announced to the public before she was prepared, explained that the situation left her with “so much rage” and that the pain from the experience continues.

Barrymore responded, “When people find out your deepest, darkest secrets, it’s so traumatizing.”

While the first pregnancy leak left its toll, Barrymore did get to announce her second pregnancy on her own terms.

When confirming her second pregnancy to PEOPLE, she said, “Last time I never commented on it, and people just stalked me the entire time. So yes, it’s happening, it’s true. I tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible.”

Barrymore is a mother to two daughters, Olive (9) and Frankie (7), whom she shares with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

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