Ellen DeGeneres Talks With Today’s Savannah Guthrie About Ending Her Show

After announcing that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to an end after season 19, Today anchor Savannah Guthrie talked with Ellen about her decision to end her long-time talk show.

In her interview with Guthrie, DeGeneres acknowledged that allegations of a toxic work environment did not factor into her decision to end her talk show.

Last year, Ellen came under scrutiny after multiple former employees called out Ellen for having a toxic work environment. As a result, production was put on hiatus, and an internal investigation was launched.

DeGeneres revealed to Guthrie that she was happy her staff could hear the news from her instead of the tabloids. DeGeneres told Guthrie she is “glad that before it leaked, I got to tell my staff and my crew, from my own words [and] that they didn’t hear it anyplace else.”

“Because I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been trying to anticipate how to tell them and hope that everybody would take it okay,” said DeGeneres. “A lot of people were very emotional. I got emotional.”

Guthrie then asked the long-time comedian and host, “Did you feel like you were being canceled?”

I mean, I really didn’t understand it. I still don’t understand it,” DeGeneres told Guthrie. “Yeah, I thought I thought something was going on that that, because it was too orchestrated, it was too coordinated.”

DeGeneres want on to say, “People get picked on but for four months straight for me, and then for me to read in the press about a toxic work environment when all I’ve ever heard from every guest that comes on the show is what a happy atmosphere this is, and what a happy place it is.”

During her interview, DeGeneres stressed that she is not canceling her show based on toxic workplace claims stating, “If that was why I was quitting, I would’ve not come back this year. I really did think about not coming back because it was devastating.”

“I am a kind person,” she added. “I am a person who likes to make people happy.”

Ellen told her audience in her opening monologue, ” I’m announcing that next season, season 19 is going to be my last season.”

Thanking her longtime fans, she said: “The past 18 years … has changed my life. You all have changed my life. I am forever grateful to all of you for watching, for laughing, for dancing — sometimes crying. This show has been the greatest experience of my life, and I owe it all to you.”

Viewers will have to turn into today’s episode when DeGeneres sits down with Oprah Winfrey to further discuss her reason for ending The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Photo via s_bukley/Deposit Photos

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