Elon Musk wearing a suit with a blue shirt and blue tie. Photo via ChinaImages

Elon Musk to Host SNL Despite Cast Concerns

Last Saturday, the late-night giant Saturday Night Live (SNL) announced that SpaceX founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk would be hosting the prestigious show alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus.

It’s an unusual choice by SNL as Musk will be the first non-actor or athlete to host the show since 2015 when Donald Trump emceed. Musk is still in hot water for his public opposition to Coronavirus procedures at the beginning of the pandemic, and more recently for casually saying “a bunch of people will probably die” in his effort to get to Mars.

To add a bit more fuel to the fire, after he was announced on Saturday, the world’s second-richest man took to Twitter to post: “Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is” with a purple devil emoji.

The post wasn’t received well by his future castmates.

SNL regular Bowen Yang was the first to react on his Instagram story. First with a frowning emoji followed by a screenshot of Musk’s tweet with the comment, “What the fโ€”does that even mean?”

He wasn’t the only one disappointed with the announcement. Andrew Dismukes and Aidy Bryant also reacted on their Instagram stories. Dismukes stating, “ONLY CEO I WANT TO DO A SKETCH WITH IS Cher-E Oteri,” in a nod to a late-90s cast member.

Bryant opted for a more subtle but still pointed response, sharing a tweet by Senator Bernie Sanders in which he calls the fact that “the 50 wealthiest people in this country own more wealth than some 165 million Americans” a “moral obscenity.”

Those posts in objection to the CEO have since been deleted, but it looks like Musk will have to mend some fences behind the scenes before he takes the stage for his late-night debut on May 8th.

Photo via ChinaImages/Deposit Photos

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