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RHOBH’s Erika Girardi Claims She Found Evidence of Ex Tom’s Infidelity

On Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi didn’t hold back opening up about the situation with her ex-husband Tom Girardi.

Fellow Housewife Kyle Richards invited the rest of her cast to stay with her. Before Girardi arrived, the rest of the ladies discussed her ex-husband’s court appearance from earlier in the day. The court appearance was in regards to the Lion Air Flight settlement that had been reached.

Dorit Kemsley said, “The government froze all of his assets because it was determined that at least $2 million was used inappropriately.”

Girardi’s costars embraced her when she arrived at Richard’s vacation home in La Quinta, California. “We’re here for you,” Kyle said as Erika responded, “It’s not okay and it’s not going to be okay for a long time.”

When the group sat down for dinner, Erika explained that she wasn’t going to receive any financial support from her ex-husband. She went on to say that she was unsure about the future and had let go of her office space.

Erika eventually opened up about Tom’s “year-long affairs” as well, claiming that she found evidence through text messages and photos on his phone.

“I knew a lot because it was so hard to hide and, you know, he was sloppy,” Erika said.

When asked why she didn’t leave him thereafter, Erika said, “Where am I going?”

“I really do appreciate you all listening and just understanding,” she said. “And I will be okay, but I am not okay right now.”

Erika and Tom have faced major legal troubles since filing for divorce in November 2020. Recently, Girardi has been accused of hiding assets with her ex-husband.

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