Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony for Adam Levine

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Apply for an Oklahoma Marriage License

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have applied for a Johnston County marriage license and are one step closer to their big day.

According to a source from PEOPLE, the couple is looking forward to their wedding this summer. “Ever since they got engaged, they have both been adamant that no wedding will happen until it’s safe for family and friends to attend,” the source said. “Gwen expressed early on that she really wanted a summer wedding.”

“They are both ecstatic that it can finally happen. They are getting married this summer. Gwen’s boys will be very involved,” the insider added. “Blake is a great extra dad and very close with the boys.”

The two stars first met back in 2015 on the set of The Voice, where they bonded over shared experiences of divorce. Shelton and Stefani officially became a couple in November of 2015.

During last year’s quarantine, the couple spent their entire time together. In October 2020, Shelton proposed. They celebrated their engagement on Instagram by sharing a photo of her showing off a ring as they kissed. They got engaged at Shelton’s ranch home in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where they had spent most of the lockdown.

The couple has been teasing their wedding for several months. According to PEOPLE, Shelton joked that his wedding would be “pretty classless” if he was in charge of planning it.

“I want her to do all of that stuff and handle it because it’s going to be great. She’s in the middle of planning the thing, and she’s always so mindful … of me,” Shelton added.

Photo via Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

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