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Jay Allen and Kylie Morgan Get Engaged at Whisky Jam in Nashville

Country stars Jay Allen and Kate Morgan got engaged on Memorial Day during a performance at Whisky Jam in Nashville.

Morgan told PEOPLE, “It was such a full-circle moment. When I first moved to Nashville at 19 years old, I would be at Whiskey Jam every single Monday because it was just always the place to go and network. It was just really cool to go back to where it all began and really close the deal.”

Their engagement was also the same day as the couple’s six-year anniversary.

Allen had been planning the proposal with the help of Whisky Jam’s Ward Guenther. Morgan originally thought that family and friends would be in attendance for the performance, and also toast the upcoming release of Allen’s new album Bulletproof.

But this was only part of the plan.

“I knew I wanted to make the proposal a part of the show,” said Allen. “We both have always had the itch to be in front of people and she specifically has always just loved being in the spotlight. We’ve been to hundreds of Whiskey Jams together, so it just kind of felt right. It felt right in my gut.”

Early in his set, Allen brought Morgan onstage so they could sing “Hell Out of Me.” It’s a song that the couple wrote together at a writer’s retreat.

Afterward, Morgan realized something else was going on.

“The whole band got down off the stage and a good buddy of mine, Matt Ferranti, had his keyboard set up in the back,” said Allen. “And so, he started playing and I just grabbed the mic and sang a song to Kylie called ‘After You’ that I wrote for her. And then, I got down on one knee, and the whole place erupted.”

Morgan explained that she always saw herself marrying Allen.

“From the time I literally saw him walking down the stairs six years ago at this publishing company, I knew he was going to be my husband. There was never a doubt.”

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