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Jeff Goldblum Joins Dark Dice Podcast as a Sorcerer for the Second Season

Jeff Goldblum’s newest gig is in the realm of magic and fantasy.

Goldblum is set to join the cast of Dark Dice, an award-winning Dungeons & Dragons podcast, for their second season.

The audio series is described as a “horror-actual play” where six players voice characters in an authentic, unscripted game of Dungeons and Dragons.

According to the podcast’s production company, Fool & Scholar Productions, Goldblum will be voicing the character Balmur, an elven sorcerer who is on a quest to find his daughter’s missing locket.

According to People, the Jurrasic Park actor will enter the series for Chapter 1B, after “six players in the first season failed to save the world and aim to seek revenge against the other player-controlled team.” Adding to the challenge, the players are being stalked by a creature known as “The Silent One,” who steals the face and voice of any creature it chooses.

The fate of the dice roll will determine the story’s outcome.

According to the show’s most recent Patreon post, listening to Season 1 is not necessary in order to enjoy the second season.

Dark Dice features a high production quality with a diverse international cast, immersive landscapes, an original soundtrack that includes over 30 medieval instruments. There’s also a live choir singing in Infernal, Icelandic, and Elvish languages to add to the atmosphere.

Dark Dice‘s second season, titled The Long March, will be available to listen to for free on May 12.

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