Jesse Williams attends the Netflix Premiere of "The Irishman" in Los Angeles. Photo via Deposit Photos user EugenePowers

Jesse Williams and Arya Drake-Lee Decide on Custody Arrangement

Jesse Williams and his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee have settled on a custody arrangement for their two children: Sadie (8) and Maceo (6). Drake-Lee initially pushed to have greater custody, but recent court documents obtained by E! News indicate the pair will continue to hold joint legal custody.

That said, Williams will assume “tie-breaking authority over COVID-19 protocols” in the case that the couple cannot decide on vaccinations or other COVID-related decisions for the children. Meanwhile, Drake-Lee holds “tie-breaking authority for one extracurricular activity at a time for each of the children.”

The judge did not grant Drake-Lee’s request for Williams to have reduced custody time, but did approve other requests for each party. For Drake-Lee, the judge agreed that if Williams “cancels some parenting time, he cannot later ‘uncancel’,” unless previously discussed. For Williams, the judge granted his request to adjust his schedule around his upcoming appearance in Take Me Out on Broadway.

This adjusted schedule includes getting his children for four consecutive days per month, including a weekend, in New York.

A portion of the ruling read: “Mother should appreciate that father cannot share with her certain schedules as far in advance as she would like, and that he may not always want his time with the children to be filled up with extracurriculars, and father should appreciate that mother is adapting her own schedule to meet his needs, and the children deserve to have extracurricular activities that they engage in on a regular basis, not just when mom is in charge.”

While the divorce was finalized in October 2020, finances remain to be settled.

Photo via EugenePowers/Deposit Photos

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