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Tiger King Star Breaks Into Marijuana Industry With Joe Exotic Cannabis

Federal prison hasn’t kept Joe Exotic from making a stir, and now his latest business venture has him being talked about once again. The former Tiger King star has announced that he is venturing into the world of marijuana with his newest brand: Joe Exotic Cannabis.

Exotic has been pretty vocal since his incarceration and is still near the beginning of his 22-year prison sentence for conspiring to murder competitor Carole Baskin.

Although he’s behind bars, Exotic has apparently been very involved in getting his new brand going. In the works since last July, Exotic made a deal to partner with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD through regular phone calls and emails with his attorney. It would appear he has done a good bit of business with his partners offering up the money to make a brand with his name on it.

Exotic’s attorney told TMZ that products of the new cannabis brand will include CBD edibles and will be sold throughout California, Colorado, and Oklahoma. With some of the profits going towards captive tiger care.

Exotic’s representative indicated that Joe was doing this to help people who could use cannabis to manage their pain. Exotic himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier in the year. After which he immediately called to be released so he could receive proper care. Asking President Biden to pardon him just as he had asked Donald Trump. At one point, Exotic was so confident he’d get it he was arranging for a limo to pick him up.

Now it seems unlikely that a free Joe Exotic will actually get to see his own brand in stores.

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