Kanye west performing in sunglasses and a red jacket. Photo by everett225

Kanye West Is Reportedly Dating Supermodel Irina Shayk

A wild rumor is swirling around the internet about Kanye West amidst his divorce from his wife of six years Kim Kardashian. The rapper is reportedly dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

The rumor began when a tip was sent into the Instagram anonymous gossip site, Deuxmoi, according to the Daily Mail. Deuxmoi won’t verify any tips sent in, but both West and Shayk have had a working relationship for the past 11 years.

A source wrote Deuxmoi saying, “Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mama.”

The site’s owner responded by saying, “After further looking into this, I don’t know if ‘dating’ is the right word, but there is perhaps some interest there.”

As recent as last month, Shayk was spotted wearing a DMX shirt designed by West for his collaboration with Balenciaga.

In 2010, the supermodel first encountered West when she made an appearance as a rose-gold angel in his “Power” music video.

West included her in the lyrics for “Christian Dior Denim Flow” later that year. He wrote in the song, “I’m wilding, I’m on a thousand. I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen.”

West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian had a reaction to the rumor and her inner circle said she doesn’t appear to be bothered by it, according to The Sun.

Cooper hasn’t commented on what he thinks about his ex-girlfriend dating West.

Although Shayk isn’t a musician, her work in the fashion industry and decade-long history of working with West has people keeping this couple on their radar.

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