Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards, Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish Are Getting Divorced

On Thursday, actress Kate Bosworth and filmmaker Michael Polish announced in a bittersweet Instagram post that the pair have decided to end their nearly eight-year marriage.

The post features a black-and-white snapshot of the smiling couple engaged in a kiss and has a caption that begins with a quote from Big Sur—the movie that first brought the two together.

“‘Do you want to split a burger?’ Yes.

‘How ‘bout a shot of whiskey?’ Hell yes.

– Big Sur, 2011″

Following this quote, the caption goes on to describe the rise and fall of the couple’s relationship.

“The beginning is often the best part of love. Fireworks, magnets, rebellion — the attraction. The onset signals a wide open expanse of possibility. Split a burger with someone when you are falling in love, and you can die happily knowing this is your last meal. Buy a bottle of whiskey and share shots, pour me a waterfall. Play that perfect song on the jukebox and dance with someone you have known your whole life, though you met minutes ago.

Inherently we fear an ending. To lose what you have because you got what you wanted. To be attached to the expectation of the outcome. The great Unknown.”

The post goes on.

“Our hearts are full, as we have never been so enamored and deeply grateful for one another as we do in this decision to separate. Together, over the last ten years, Michael and I have chosen love, every time. We hold hands as tightly today as we entangled fingers on our wedding day. Our eyes look more deeply into one another, with more courage now. In the process of letting go, we have come to acknowledge that our love will never end. The connection does not simply disappear. The love deepens, the heart expands.”

As evident from the caption, it appears that the couple still holds great affection for each other. The poignant message, in addition to exploring the meaning and implications of love, also describes the couple’s split not as an ending, but as “the beginning.”

Comments from supporters and friends echoed the sentiment, with many, such as British actress Ashley Madekwe, leaving messages like “Love you guys. Here’s to new beginnings ❤️”

The lengthy post closed with simply:

“This is love.

And we will drink that down.

Kate + Michael”

Photo via s_bukley/Deposit Photos

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