Kelly Osbourne with a curly purple bob at the premiere of Angel has Fallen

Kelly Osbourne is Ready to Move on with Life After Addiction Struggles

Former The View star Kelly Osbourne recently opened up about her addiction, recovery, and life goals during an episode of Red Table Talk.

In a preview of the episode, Osbourne describes feeling “robbed” of certain life experiences.

“I feel very behind,” she begins. “As a woman, I would have loved to be married and have children by now. My brother [Jack] has three daughters, and I would have loved to have kids by now, but that wasn’t what was in the cards for me yet.”

“I would have been no kind of mother at all,” explained the 36-year-old. “Because I was that crazy addict that was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll stop doing drugs when I get pregnant because I have to.’ Like, that’s insane that I would ever even think that.”

The former Fashion Police co-host also shared that her road to recovery has not been linear. “I relapsed,” she shared in an April Instagram story, later explaining that it came as a result of a “mental breakdown” she experienced following the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I made it all the way through, everything was great and my life was perfect,” she said on Extra. “I’m that girl that when everything is going great, I need to f— it up a little and make everything a little bit worse in my life. I am an addict and had thought that I had enough time under my belt and I could drink like a normal person, and it turns out I cannot and I will never be normal.”

Fans will be able to watch Osbourne’s full interview on Red Table Talk Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.

Photo via Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

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