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Megan Fox Wins Fortnite Gaming Match Against DJ Khaled

Last week, Actress Megan Fox beat producer DJ Khaled in a Fortnite match during Only on OLED’s live celebrity gaming match-up.

Fox’s musician boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, joined the livestream to cheer on his lady. Khaled mentioned during the match that he knew Kelly way before he became a signed artist. He also implored rapper Travis Scott to make an appearance during the game, but he never showed.

Even though Fox lost to Khaled during the first round of the match-up, she proved victorious during rounds two and three, making her the overall winner.

Kelly cheered loudly for Fox after her victory.

Fox and Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, have been in a relationship since they were first seen together in May 2020.

Ahead of the event, Fox told PEOPLE that she was both “excited” and “nervous” to be a part of it.

“I do feel I have the ability to definitely beat DJ Khaled, for sure,” Fox said. “But I just want to make sure I can perform under the pressure of being at a live event.

The actress also told PEOPLE about her favorite Fortnite characters: John Wick, Batman, and Streetfighter’s Chun Li.

However, one character stood out to her the most.

“If I had to go with one, I’m probably gonna go Mandalorian,” she told PEOPLE.

The Fortnite match-up can be watched exclusively on the LG FOMO Channel app.

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