Closeup of Paris Hilton at the Blonds 2015 fashion show with long blonde curly hairstyle. Photo by Deposit Photos user fashionstock

Paris Hilton’s Cooking Show Canceled by Netflix After Only One Season

“Cooking With Paris,” a six-episode series that premiered on Netflix in August 2021, has been canceled after just one season after receiving critical reviews. The show featured Paris Hilton as the host alongside a number of celebrity guests, including the likes of Saweetie, Kim Kardashian, and Demi Lovato.

In each of the approximately 20-minute-long episodes, Paris puts a glamorous spin on everything from tacos to Thanksgiving dinner. But rather than the food as the star of the show, Hilton and her A-list guests, along with their bubbly personalities and luxurious looks, are the real attention-getters. Meals are often prepared with stylish cookware like bedazzled spatulas. Paris herself also dressed in signature over-the-top looks. She revealed that gloves are her must-have cooking accessory, saying, “I’ve always loved gloves for everything. It’s my vibe. My trademark. I think they look great for cooking — it’s just part of the brand.”

Despite the expensive outfits and cooking utensils, the show emphasizes that anyone can cook. She may not be Martha Stewart–her favorite celebrity chef according to an interview with “Entertainment Weekly“–but she sure had star quality in the kitchen.

Interestingly, this was not Paris’ first foray into cooking in the public eye. During season four of “The Simple Life,” Paris traded lives with costar Nicole Richie and was forced to prepare dinner for a family of four.

Although “Cooking with Paris” has been canceled, fans of Paris Hilton can still tune in to get their fix of the hotel heiress on her podcast “This is Paris,” as well as her Peacock reality TV Show “Paris in Love.”

Photo via fashionstock/Deposit Photos

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