Pete Davison wearing tie-dye shirt, black sunglasses, and black hat while MGK wears a studded shirt and choker

Pete Davidson Hacked Calvin Klein as He Took over the IG with MGK

If you happen to follow Calvin Klein on Instagram, you might have noticed a strange takeover this week. What looked like Pete Davidson hacking the account turned out to be a brand ambassadorship with Davidson and his buddy Machine Gun Kelly.

Davison quickly changed the Calvin Klein profile picture to himself before posting a mirror picture repping a Calvin Klein shirt with the caption “I got Instagram.”

The post quickly gained people’s attention as the comedian doesn’t have his own Instagram account. In the comments, Machine Gun Kelly said, “Are you going to post us in our undies?”

People are familiar with other big celebrities promoting Calvin Klein such as Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. However, this was a different kind of brand promotion. The duo went live on Instagram as they sat down on a white couch before unzipping their pants. Wearing white Calvin Klein underwear, they brainstormed and practiced the poses they would do if they were modeling for the brand.

Throughout their IG live, the two joked around as they entertained and shocked thousands with their out-of-the-blue campaign. After the IG live ended, Davidson continued to use his “new” Instagram by posting a selfie with MGK and captioning it, “did we nail it or did we nail it.” But it appears he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of Instagram yet. He accidentally reposted his original mirror picture to the feed. The duplicate photo’s caption? “This s***’s confusing.”

What isn’t confusing is this duo’s contagious energy. Fans were left amused and wanting more golden content from MGK and Pete Davidson. Is there more IG content coming? Fans can only hope the takeover isn’t over yet.

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