Queen Elizabeth and the royal family at Buckinham Palace in London

Prince William and Kate Middleton Announce the Release of Their YouTube Channel

On Wednesday, Prince William and Kate Middleton surprised the world with the launch of their very own YouTube Channel with a 25-second fun introductory video.

Titled “Welcome to Our Official YouTube Channel,” the video starts with Prince William telling his wife jokingly, “By the way, be careful what you say now because these guys, they’re filming everything,” while pointing to the camera.

Responding with a laugh, Middleton says, “I know!”

The video then shares a series of candid clips of William and Kate in a variety of settings, from royal engagements to greeting fans and riding high in a helicopter. One video clip even shows Kate teasing Prince William about rolling his Rs.

Going along with the release of their YouTube Channel, the couple also updated their Instagram handle from @KensingtonRoyal to @DukeandDuchessofCambridge.

On Instagram and YouTube, their profile picture shows William and Kate smiling and laughing with each other during their 2020 tour of Ireland.

Besides announcing their YouTube Channel, the royal couple has been very busy this last Spring. In April, William and Kate celebrated 10 years of marriage by releasing two new portraits, celebrating Prince Louis’ and Princess Charlotte’s birthdays, and releasing a video on Instagram giving everyone a rare look into royal life with their children.

Photo via cheekylorns2/Deposit Photos

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