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Dolores Catania of “RHONJ” Crashes a Wedding (and Brings a Gift!)

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania made a surprise appearance at Liberty House in Jersey City on Sunday, where TMZ cameraman Jeremy Kovacs was having his wedding reception.

According to Page Six, 50-year-old Catania was the “life of the party”—arriving at the venue at about 8:30 p.m. and staying to talk with guests, take photos, and congratulate the couple. Of course, the New Jersey housewife, notably unmarried herself, didn’t come empty-handed.

Like any good wedding guest, albeit an uninvited one, Catania had prepared a gift for the newlywed couple. By TMZ‘s reporting, the mom-of-two sent $250 by Venmo to Kovacs and his new bride before departing from the venue. Catania was one of just over 100 guests in attendance.

As pointed out by Page Six, weddings have been a slight sore spot for Catania lately. Since their first official public outing on the red carpet in 2019, Catania and her long-term boyfriend David Principe have remained ringless.

Despite this, many have held out hope for the Real Housewives star’s engagement, presumably including Catania herself. The housewife has pushed for a ring in the past; perhaps most notably when she refused to move into Principe’s new townhome without a proposal first.

Sources at Bravo describe Catania as “a little resentful that David won’t fully commit.”

Her own wedding woes aside, though, Kovacs and his wife were reportedly very happy to have her as a guest at their reception. As said by Page Six, “maybe she was taking notes in case [Principe] finally asks her to marry him.”

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