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Meghan Markle’s Father Speaks Out About Birth of Granddaughter and Oprah Interview

In a new interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas Markle spoke out on the birth of his granddaughter and as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah.

Thomas reveals in the interview that he hasn’t spoken to his daughter since two days before she got married. Their estrangement stems from Thomas admitting to staging paparazzi photos just before the wedding.

Most upsetting to him is that he hasn’t met either of his grandchildren.

“I’ll be very disappointed that I don’t get to hold my granddaughter,” he said after saying he found out about Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor’s birth on the radio. “No phone calls, I just heard it on the radio.”

“Of course it hurts,” he continued. “There are axe murderers in prison and their family comes to see them. I’m not an axe murder. I made one dumb mistake and I’ve been punished for it.”

Thomas also commented on the interview Prince Harry and Meghan recently did with Oprah Winfrey. During their interview with Oprah, Meghan and Prince Harry discussed a wide array of topics ranging from accusations of racism within the royal family to Meghan’s struggle with mental health.

“Oprah Winfrey, for one, I think Oprah Winfrey is playing Harry and Meghan,” he said. “I think she’s using them to build her network and build her new shows. I think she’s taking advantage of a very weakened man and getting him to say things that you just shouldn’t be saying on television.”

Meghan also admitted during the interview with Oprah that she was unable to reconcile her father’s actions.

“This show they’ve been on, they talk about compassion, there’s no compassion for me, no compassion for my family, and no compassion for the world. If I had done something terribly wrong, that would be fine, but I haven’t,” Thomas said.

Despite the 60 Minutes interview, Thomas told The Sun, “I’m very pleased that my daughter and my new granddaughter had a successful delivery. I wish them all my love and the best of luck.”

The Duke and Duchess welcomed their second child on June 4th and plan to take a few months of parental leave to enjoy time with their children.

Photo via cheekylorns2/Deposit Photos

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