Travis Scott Sued in France for Plagiarized Album Art

Rapper Travis Scott is being sued by a French artist for allegedly plagiarizing the artwork featured on his album from a few years ago.

Mickaël Mehala, also known as Black Childish, has filed a lawsuit against Scott claiming he copied Mehala’s original artwork on the album “Travis La Flame, a compilation project which includes many songs from his mixtape “Days Before Rodeo.”

The Astroworld rapper’s disputed album cover is well known to his fans and is even featured on the rapper’s YouTube page and Tidal page.

Mehala is calling this “outright theft of his art” and claims he created the iconic centaur piece in 2015 and then sent it to Scott via an Instagram DM, encouraging the rapper to share it with his fans.

While Mehala claims he never heard back from Scott, he stated that he later that year saw his artwork featured on Scott’s album “Travis La Flame” without his permission.

The French legal documents detail Mehala’s claims of registering a copyright for the art back in February 2019 as well as his attempts to contact Scott and his management team. He says he was finally put in touch with one of Scott’s attorneys in the summer of 2019.

The attorney allegedly told Mehala, “Travis was unaware of using art belonging to anyone in particular.”

The centaur image has since been removed from some platforms hosting “Travis La Flame, but Mehala still wants to take Scott to court and is requesting hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as sole control over the image.

Photo via Deposit Photos

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